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Filipina convoy emporium Adult to flirtbook

When talking to sex toys, vibrators or dildos probably come to your mind first. You may not have even considered trying a pussy pump.

Adult Emporium Convoy

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Adult Emporium. San Diego, Estados Unidos.

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Zion Video. Video Eye. Skopec H Michael MD. Pay-Net Solutions. Fire Protection Plus. Print N Press 4 Less. Data Photo Imaging. Walter M. Putting Hand sanitizer is not going to be enough to kill what is going on foul here.

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In other businesses like this where people do what they came to do it is NOT typical that employes especially cashiers UNLOCK and Barge in to watch and get an eye full… AS I walked to the door to exit he followed me calling me a of racial, and hate slur, including fagget, gay, homo. He then told me to come out side so he could kick my ass. You may enjoy that but your dad who was your back up can only do so much by telling me not to flinch at you… I saw the fear in your eye as you walked away because you are obviously all talk and such a little tiny FTM fag wanna be that all you can do is act like a man, you must think that your some kind of XXX Book store bouncer.

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Cant get hired at a strip club since you cant look over the counter small dick and large ego are a bad combo for you little filipino bitch… your going to make that bad decision again and you will find out what can happen. IF you want to threaten me with kicking my ass you should try to grow a few more feet, and some balls but a few feet in height before you threaten people.

Your dad may not be there next time to back you up. To the owners: since you obviously trust this punk to walk in on booths with out warning. Which is evident since other men and women linger in booths with doors open on their phone.

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Think of me tonight little woman mAN you wish you had a big one like me and you wish you were a full born male able to do what a man wants. Jorge H. I only go here to wank it in front of some women that agree to talk dirty and make me cum.

San diego, estados unidos

There used to be a «unicorn» by the name of Bridget I believe? Young, perky tits, Latina brunette. Even the staff admitted they would jerk it to her whenever she did show up.

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She would continue playing with herself even after I got off. Whew, gorgeous gal.

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Miss her. Most of the other ladies are very pretty and willing to talk dirty and give you a great show. First time I went into adult emporium one night I was looking for a toy and also because I was curious about their live shows.

When I walked out of the store I noticed one of the employees writing down my plate of my car in the parking lot.

Directions to adult emporium (san diego) with public transportation

Just looking for a toy and took a emporium peek down the hallway where some dancer and bouncer were talking outside the rooms. Oh, it was also my last time. I went to this place to buy a few things and check it out after I got out of work. I was there for 20 minutes when a straight couple came in. As soon as this straight couple came in the rude short latino douche came up to me and lied said I was there too long « hanging around» and that I had to leave.

He chastised me in front of many other customers like I was. I have never been treated so rudely in my entire life. I will never go back. Instead, I did leave and bought what I needed from one of their competitors. Especially with that midget bastard latino guy and his bitter convoy. I just got off the phone with the manager to adult my concern for their over the top douchebag employees and it turns out he is an over the top douchebag as well. Just continue doing your Jesse G. Hate this place, the fat mean owner denied my ID and refused to let me talk to someone in higher authority!

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He needs to be fired or retake a customer service class asap. Jacque S. As a female customer, I personally love this place. They are knowledgeable about their merchandise, the rooms so far have been clean. I have gone in this facility for at least 50 times… And I can say I highly recommend this facility to all my friends, and have actually. I hope you do go and love it as much as myself. Andy D. This place has no customer service. The short rude Mexican guy is the worst there.

Pls clean house with your current staff.

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Rick M. Go spend your money elsewhere…. Steven G. Mistakenly put this under Main Street location also, by mistake… hope for their sake that Main Street is better run. Horrible attitude… was in there on Wednesday morning… was waiting for a friend to call to let me know what to pick up for him… was obvious because had phone in my hand waiting for call… Chubby manager?

Thank you Barnett and to hell with Adult Emporium. Yourstruely N. Went to this place for the first time today, just happen in there after work.

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The worst skanks, I have ever seen in my life. What kind of an establishment does this kind of thing to customers? I have never been treated this way, when I am going to spend money. This place is way way to uptight and they front desk Moron needs to be fired on the spot. They need a attitude check on how they treat there customers.

Steve R. The owner of this place needs to be admitted to a psych ward!!!