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Triggers automatically after completing Shades of Color Chapter.

Alice And The Room Walkthrough

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If you are playing the 3DS version, don't save the game during the room escape! There is a bug that can erase your save data!

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In Funkyland's Alice House No. There's no changing cursor, but the room is fairly small and limited to only a handful of views, so you should have no trouble finding the items and Knaves you need as long as you remember to look on and under absolutely everything Like all of the Alice House escapes, Alice's Evidence is short and sweet, just the ticket for when you want a snack-sized game, complete with a snack itself if those tempting tarts on the table are anything to go by. Play Alice House No. Zoom out all the way. Zoom in on the right hand wall. Zoom in on the box on the right hand side.

Click under the chair. There is a sixth coin attached to the underside of the seat. Take it. Zoom out twice. Zoom in on the chair on the left. You see the 6 with a slot underneath. Zoom in on the left hand wall. Zoom in on the picture on the left. Note the shapes and the order specified at the bottom.

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You have to start with spades, then move via diamonds and hearts to knaves. Zoom all the way out. Zoom in on the little door with 9 dots on the left.

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Click the buttons as specified on the picture. The door unlocks. Open it. Take the handle. Zoom in on the button above the couch. Place the handle on the button. Turning the handle moves the pictures around.


Make sure that the picture with the knave is on the left. Zoom in on it. Take Knave 5. Zoom out. Zoom in on the cupboard on the right.

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Zoom in on the black circle on the top part. Click the halves of the circle in the order you noted above. Click on the circle to pen the doors. Take the pincers. Zoom in on the little table in the front.

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There's a knave on the table, but it's fastened to a ring on the right by a chain. Zoom in on the couch. Click on the shoes under the couch. Zoom in on the leaflet. Click on it.

Alice beyond wonderland walkthrough [%]

There are three codes. Zoom in on the back wall. Zoom in on the pink box on the little table in the middle. When you have collected all five Knaves, they are transformed into a key.

Alice an interactive museum walkthrough

Take the key. Zoom in on the doors on the right. Use the key. Go through the doors. Posted by: hans. Got all but 1 item on the list. Can't figure out. Spoiler thing worked fine.

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The preview function shows you exactly how it will look to everyone else. So if you're not sure, before you post, just check that. The picture gives you the order but it doesn't mean that.

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Think of it as the order you need to "visit" them without skipping any tiles and without crossing any tiles you already used. The order is assuming a grid of, going down The picture clue doesn't give suits to all the buttons, just enough for you to work out the others. Did not realize to "not cross other squares".

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We add new games every day and only the best games! Free online and mobile games. Play This! Walkthrough Alice House No. By Dora December 21, Currently 4. Platform: Flash : browserescapeflashfreefunkylandgameplaythispointandclickpuzzlerating-g. Comments 8 Views 65, Alice House No. Walkthrough Guide Please allow to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.

Knave 1 Zoom in on the back wall. Zoom in on the table with the chandelier. Lift the frontmost cake. Zoom in on the right hand wall, then zoom in on the cupboard on the right. The middle drawer contains five coins. Take them. Feed the six coins one by one into the slot.

Take Knave 2. Notice the distribution of hearts on the seat backs: Left to right: down down up down up up. Enter the codethen zoom out and open the box. Can't figure out 9x9 box - perhaps my orientation is incorrect with regard to the picture on the wall. As for the game, I was stuck exactly where you were.

Then I realised you need to click ALL 9, not just 4 buttons. The picture gives you the order but it doesn't mean that you need to click them one after the other.