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Fatties tree picking Angry to molesting

It is listed on the Whiteboard and is bet on by The Wranglers department. It is released during the first wave of the System Purge and is seen several times. It is depicted as a large, leafless and slow-moving tree.

Angry Molesting Tree

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The Evil Dead is infamous in the horror community in many ways, but they're not all good reasons; Sam Raimithe film's director, has gotten a lot of backlash over the years for his inclusion of the film's 'tree rape' scene, and has since spoken out about his regrets.

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A bunch of horny young people gather in a rundown remote cabin where they read from a mysterious tome and get menaced in a comedy horror fashion?

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Sounds a lot like another movie, doesn't it? Especially when you throw in the presence of "deadites" and an "angry molesting tree".

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Of course, the seams between a parody and a rip-off can be incredibly thin, so even though most would acknowledge The Cabin In The Woods as the former, it should come as no surprise to see it the subject of a plagiarism lawsuit. It was not the makers of the Evil Dead, whose remake was beaten to the punch by Cabin, however, who chose to sue Goddard, Whedon and Lionsgate.

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Ultimately, in a judge ruled against Gallagher, noting entirely accurately that "the concept of young people venturing off to such locations and being murdered by some evil force is common in horror films" and was not, therefore, protectable under copyright law; not to mention the fact that Gallagher's relatively serious book approaches the subject in a completely different style to the parodic tone of Cabin. Loves ghost stories, mysteries and giant ape movies.

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Jack Kingston Contributor.