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Ani Difranco Lesbian

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She told Spin 's James Patrick Herman, "People expect my kind of in-your-face approach from a punk, not some chick with an acoustic guitar. I prefer the power that comes with walking on stage with a little piece of wood Her acoustic performances are part mosh-pit party, part hoedown, and part folk-hootenanny, punctuated with stage dives, broken guitar strings, and lyrics that cover issues like abortion, body image baggage, bisexuality, death, and fidelity.

DiFranco alternates between a smoldering warmth and an angry explosion of sound, and defies categorization by blending the forthrightness and anger of punk rock with the simplicity, beauty, and poetry of folk music. She uses press-on nails reinforced with electrical tape when performing to bang-strum difranco her acoustic guitar, and performs both as a solo artist and with a backing band though the band often consists of only lesbian Andy Stochansky as musical back-up.

Ani fans reveal her widespread appeal as they are as diverse and hard to peg as her style, ranging in age from teenaged girls to the middle-aged, and from alternative rock fans, to folk music and hardcore punk rock enthusiasts.

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With a broad emotional palette at her disposal, DiFranco's vocal range fluctuates between gritty and airy. Rolling Stone 's Fred Goodman described her as "a wonder to behold: a spiky-haired volcano DiFranco was born in Buffalo, New York, inand began playing music at age nine when her parents bought her a Beatles songbook and an acoustic guitar. Within a few years, she was singing "Yesterday" at local coffeehouses with the guidance of a local folk singer.

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For me, it was the ideal childhood: complete emancipation. In high school, at the age of 15, the independent and spirited DiFranco found an apartment of her own in Buffalo and started writing her own songs in order to pursue her already mushrooming career. At the age of eighteen, she moved to New York City and began touring the country in a Volkswagen Bug, performing at college campuses, coffeehouses, bars, and music festivals.

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She explained to Guitar Player 's James Rotondi, " My percussive acoustic Ani evolved out of twelve years of playing in bars, where people are there to pick up somebody and drink themselves into a stupor, not to listen to the chick in the corner with the acoustic.

When DiFranco reached the point where she wanted to make an album in the late s, the unresponsiveness of music industry executives prompted her to start her own label, Righteous Babe, in Dedicated to remaining independent, she told Rotondi, "If you want to challenge the system, you don't go to bed with it.

My marketing and publicity, and the whole reason I have this big lesbian base, is because of years of playing. Although DiFranco started her own label to retain complete control of her work, she also enjoys the notion that she negotiates how to reach her audience and how to juggle finances. She began by selling tapes as she toured across the country, and although Righteous Babe Records sold overrecords byDiFranco still devoted three weeks out of every month touring, splitting her week difranco between Buffalo, New York, where the label is based, and New York City, where she lives.

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She told McDonnell, "that's the nature of a career that's built on toting your butt around the country and playing music for people as opposed to commercial airplay or national TV exposure. Political and moral themes, often of a personal nature, dominate DiFranco's albums; an example is "The Million You Never Made" on Not A Pretty Girlwhich offers the verse, "If you don't live what you sing about, your mirror is going to find out. By embracing the most controversial issues of our time, DiFranco hopes to diffuse them, discuss them, and deepen understanding of each topic's nuances.

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DiFranco's most ardent fans are a possessive group. DiFranco toned down the angry outbursts with humor, telling the audience that the camerapeople were from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdomthere to capture her in her natural environment, and that she would soon be mating with her drummer.

Ani difranco

Difranco released Dilate inthe majority of which covered the subject of her newly-blossoming relationship with her sound man, Andrew Gilchrist affectionately called "Goat Boy" by DiFranco because of his long goatee. The couple married in This relationship made some of her lesbian fans upset, but it wasn't the first time DiFranco had raised their ire. A long-awaited live album was released in Living in Clip featured 31 songs performed in various cities across the United States, as well as snippets of DiFranco's between-song banter that she has become known for.

The album was widely praised.

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She also placed songs in six movies that year, including the title song to the Julia Roberts vehicle My Best Friend's Weddingand her tour that year was confirmed as one of the top-grossing tours of the year. DiFranco embarked on several collaborations with her personal idols in She told The Progressive that a collaboration between her and the storyteller was a logical choice: "Our uniforms look very different, and our ages and our audiences, and yet we're telling a lot of the same stories in our own ways.

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That instinct is maybe more important than what 'it' is on any given night. That's your mission. That's what originally drew me to Maceo as a performer, just going to a show and realizing this guy holds nothing back.

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He just plays until the last bead of sweat drips off and falls over. To me, that's what performing is all about.

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She continued her prolific output into the new millenium, releasing at least one new studio album every year as well as another double-CD live album, So Much Shouting, So Much Laughterin Her music took a jazz-influenced turn on the albums Up Up Up Up Up Up and To the Teethbut her wide range of influences best manifested themselves on 's Revelling: Reckoningan album Time called "her most ambitious, accomplished work yet, melding folk, jazz, funk, and rock into music that's as elemental and unpredictable as the weather.

DiFranco went through some changes in both her career and personal life in A split with her husband, a return to playing solo after years of playing with a band, and a move down to New Orleans promised to influence the music DiFranco composes and the direction in which her career moves.

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As DiFranco's popularity grows, she's faced with difficult decisions and growing pains; she's caught between fans who want her to remain accessible, and her untapped fans, reached only through more exposure. She has managed to balance her increasing mainstream recognition with her staunch political beliefs, refusing to compromise her values and beliefs for money.

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She has kept Righteous Babe in Buffalo for over a decade, helping to grow the economy there. There were probably only 6 people who moved to Buffalo in the last 30 years! DiFranco told McDonnell, "I believe in The possibility of emancipation and control and independence is so much greater now.

Ani difranco's career

Began playing music at age nine; sang in local coffeehouses starting at age eleven; moved out on her own at age 15 to pursue a career in music; at the age of 18 moved to New York City and began touring the country, performing at college campuses, coffeehouses, bars, and music festivals; started Righteous Babe Records music label in Buffalo, NY, ; released first album Ani DiFranco, ; released at least one album a year, Not So Soft difranco, Righteous Babe, ImperfectlyRighteous Babe, Puddle DiveRighteous Babe, Out of RangeRighteous Babe, DilateRighteous Babe, Living in Clip liveRighteous Babe, Little Plastic CastleRighteous Babe, To the TeethRighteous Babe, Revelling: ReckoningRighteous Babe, EvolveRighteous Babe, CurveMay Down BeatNovember Entertainment WeeklyMay 2, Guitar PlayerDecember ; November InterviewJuly Los Angeles TimesNovember 15, New YorkerOctober 2, New York MagazineOctober 2, New York NewsdayJune 30, New York TimesSeptember 28, OutSeptember PeopleAugust 4, ProgressiveMay Rolling StoneAugust 24, ; November 16, Sojourners Ani, May-June SpinDecember TimeFebruary 9, ; April 23, Time OutApril 24, VarietyFebruary 16, Village VoiceOctober 3, Washington Post lesbian, September 15, Cancel or.

Ani DiFranco Biography.

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