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Aunt story spanking boy to phish

So Jane got a double-handed caning, one from Aunt Judy and one from her employer Kitty. Another excellent story, always a thrill to read, with plenty more to come I hope. A delightful pic too, of a smooth, and as yet unmarked bare bottom.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My name is David. When I got home to my parents I had to be careful what I kept under my bed. Select magazines were brought home and secreted away, ready for nighttime reading.

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I knocked on the door.

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I was so looking forward to the next six weeks. I was staying with my Aunt and my cousins over the summer break from University. My cousin Holly opened the door, smiled, and held her finger to her lips. I said nothing.

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for Free! Score 4. Famous Story. Published 13 years ago. She looked gorgeous. Her black hair flowing down her shoulders, her black sleeveless t-shirt showing her bare midriff, black bra straps showing, and her red mini skirt. It took my breath away. We were both the same age, I felt quite dowdy beside her. I always did.

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She had everyone looking at her, boys and girls. But we were best mates as well as cousins. We were mates.

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Like a million dollars. Holly saying how nice I looked, and she was the corker. She was scolding Jack. The telling off stopped when we walked in to the room and both Auntie Sarah and Jack looked at me. Jack had a face the colour of a beetroot. I was going to enjoy this. Watching Jack have his 17 year old butt spanked by his Mother. Mind blowing. Mind you no one else knew the feelings I had.

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The desire to be spanked myself. I have watched Auntie Sarah spank Jack before, many times, but not for at least 3 years. I thought it was a thing of the past. I was in awe of Auntie Sarah at times. Auntie Sarah started scolding Jack again.

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Go on. I knew he fancied me. He was just too young. And of course he was my cousin. A definite no no. He edged slowly across to me and stood looking down, not at me at all, but at the floor. Jack repeated the admission much louder.

Hot consensual spankings and canings for discipline and erotic pleasure…

It seemed appropriate for me to ask as I had been included in the conversation. I was just so surprised. I know I looked surprised. I had expected a fiver or tenner. Good grief I thought. No wonder Auntie Sarah was so annoyed.

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Even Emma is surprised. Jack was watering the garden when I went out to sit down. He wet me on purpose. My t-shirt was soaked and I knew became see through. My nipples stood out proud, and he gawked before laughing. He had said I looked like the actress who was playing a prostitute in her latest series.

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I asked if he really thought I looked like a prostitute. He was embarrassed because he meant it as a compliment and to say I looked like the actress herself not who she was playing, and she is just about the best looking girl around.

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Still, nice as that might have been I knew he soaked me on purpose. A woman of 40 who did like to dress like a 20 year old. Auntie Sarah told him off then, in front of her friend who was rather embarrassed herself. Just a white lie but may be it will get him some extra spanks, all because of me. As Jack walked across to his Mother Holly gave me a look, trying hard not to laugh but failing.

I managed to keep a reasonably straight face although Holly knew I had lied. Holly and I looked at Jack. We could see the side of his face as he looked intently at his Mother. At least anywhere but at us. He looked as though he was going to object, then thought better of it. He sighed, then undid his trousers and pulled them down to his knees.

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Jack obeyed, and took his pants off as well without needing to being asked again. We had all seen his Mother in this mood before. When she got the bit between her teeth there was no arguing with her.

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Not until she had done what she set out to do. She was one forceful woman. I know I was scared of her when she was in this mood. I reckoned if she told me to take my knickers off and get across her knee I would do. I had usually thought that when watching her spank Jack in the past. I became aware of Holly looking at me. I turned and smiled at her and she smiled story, spanking her eyebrows as though saying just how strange is this.

Did she know what I was thinking I wondered? We had never discussed it though. We looked back to find Auntie Sarah scolding Jack again. This time it was a real stinging tongue lashing. Jack was still beetroot. I looked at Holly who was staring aunt eyed at her brother. I followed her gaze and just saw Jack looking beetroot faced still.

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She was looking much lower. At his erection in fact. I gasped and put my hand across my mouth. My goodness. How very strange.

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Auntie Sarah looked across at me. The same happens every time I spank him.