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I liked bazooka somebody kansas loves tribbing

The movies are not gay, but it doesn't matter. I went there about 10 o'clock one night.

Bazookas Kansas City Mo

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To enjoy your bachelorhood and for some adult fun, you can go to the Bazooka's Showgirls. It is a classy adult entertainment club where you will be greeted and acquainted by the stunningly beautiful and young girls of America. The girls at this club are spectacular performers who prove to be much more than just eye candies. It is also a popular strip club where you can host your birthday party and bachelor party in the companionship of hot girls in a wonderful way.

Name: Ottilie
How old am I: I am as old as I look
Hair color: Long straight brunet hair
What is my Zodiac sign: Capricorn
What is my body features: My body features is medium-build
Smoker: Yes

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It was a good timebut my buddy ending up paying in the end.

The hottest feature acts

I tried to talk him out of itbut all the substances they were taking together she got us some good stuff made him lose his good sense. He now has herpesneedless to say we will never return. Be careful boys!

single sister Florence

Pretty awesome honestly, great and nice dancers, nice environment kinda reminds me of Amsterdam red light district. The VIP is a bit overpriced tho. But overall good place.

fit biatch Gwendolyn

Amazing women but the prices definitely need to be worked on plus no touch come on now. To top it off they dont serve alcohol whats the point in even going. Lol what a joke of the establishment!!! Not towards the women though that was the best part of this place really.

She is amazing at what she does hands down no questions asked! I would definitely love to meet her outside of work and just talk about life things. Vip for is a little much for 30 minutes, 20 for 1 song dance but no touching is about average to some of the strip clubs I have been too.

sexy single Naomi

Girls there are gorgeous. I had fun for the little time I was there. I came to visit kansas for my first time. Went to skin, but it wasnt as good as bazooka.

Strip club

Cedes was amazing in what she does. Highly recommend her. I will be back when Im back in town again.

beautiful housewives Ramona

There may be no alcohol but dont let that detour you, these girls still know how to have fun! All the dancers were incredibly talented. Thanks for showing this Seattle man a good time in Kansas City! First strip-club Ive been to. Beautiful girls but completely non-nude.

The party's always rockin'!

They dont even go topless. On top of that, its a no-touching establishment. Also, when I went, there was a dancer that was way past her prime and would not take no for an answer. She eventually became disgusting in her demeanor as she realized my group of friends and I did not want her company. After being harassed by her and experiencing other far better clubs, this place deserves nothing more than a 1.

Entrance ticket details for bazooka's showgirls

My wife and i came here because we were looking for a particular toy for her. We went to the upstairs area to try to find a toy we saw online. There was an older guy working the counter about pm I couldnt get any cell reception in the building.

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At about 7pm a short black gentleman came in, i believe he was wearing a black vest and a white shirt, black pants. Really, you got guys lurking in the backrooms not spending a dime, you got guys hanging out in the parking lot and youre gonna toss out a clean cut 50 year old couple who is just looking for an item for the wife? THAT guy gets zero stars If you want good upscale customers, lose that guy or teach him how to recognize good people VS trashy ones.

gorgeous singles Raelynn

One pair of nice pants ruined. The fellas and I had a blast, a chill vibe clean and all the girls had a lot of energy especially Scarlet.

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It was a lot of fun Ill definitely be back. Ive been to the establishment a few times now and its always a blast. If you go make sure to ask for Scarlet, she knows how to have a good time! The girls are cute and sweet but damn no alcohol? Then there a waitress that asks you constantly if you would like to buy the girl a drink. Your crazy. Haha what a joke.

How to reach bazooka's showgirls

Thank god for Texas! Again probably the laws but be aware! Great visibility as the stage is above everyones he. VIP rooms are nice and exclusive. Jasmine is a saint. Such a beautiful girl who is great at dancing and super sweet. I feel bad for the dancers here, they really have to push selling drinks or they pay out of pocket for them which is ridiculous. I love strip clubs! Love the nudity!

horny girlfriend Emerald

Not a bad spot, better than temptations. Theres a dirty girl Jess that made me stay away from temptations. Go see these girls! Shes not very pretty or smart. Shows her body to anyone that will look. Steer clear of this hills have eyes looking chick.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Well established, beautiful women who absolutely know how to take care of a man. And Im very particular about the women in which I associate with. In the best way possible. Ive been to many many strip clubs and bazooka s beats them all out of the park!!

If you come here make sure you get a private dance from SKYY, She is amazing, makes you feel good, grinds and touches you nicely and makes the time with her amazing! If I was you id go here for sure. This strip club is not worth the money. They were rude in the entry and the show on Saturday night was absolutely horrible.

sluts housewives Eliana

It was amateur hour. Although there is a wonderful selection of new girls, Kimberly has a piss poor attitude. Please bring back the sweetheart Skye! Dont trust girls to give you theyre word. Paid 80 in advance for 4 dances 20 dollars a dance and the club closed at on a sunday, which is supposed to be Got one dance and asked for my money back.

Bouncers said I just gave her a 60 dollar tip? I guess they excuse there girls for being liars and stealing money. Would not recommend. Go to the outhouse where its byob and they support military. Would not go again guaranteed. Let me start by me and my husband typically visit the strip club together and enjoy the experience if not the girls at least. Girls are less than mediocre both appearance and talentmusic is sensored, lap dance is basically you getting dry jumped with no rhythm I wanna scream! I was in town on business on a Monday night.

Stopped in late with a couple buddies after hitting some regular bars earlier in the evening. The club was not crowded as could be expected on a Monday night. All the ladies were taking their turns on stage even with the light crowd. We figured out it was a no alcohol place when the waitress came around, which was great for us since we had already consumed more than our share earlier.

An added plus is that you can vape inside the club. There was a nice variety of lovely young ladies working and all the ones that took the stage were very good. A tall beautiful young blonde came and sat down next to me, I believe her name was Amber I hope that is correct. Between the alcohol and all the beautiful women my memory is a little foggy on the cities.

We walked to the private dance area. I told kansas I wanted to see her on stage first and then maybe. She took me to the VIP area and absolutely took care of me for 30 minutes. Beautiful young woman that knows how to please a man bazooka crossing the line. I cannot speak for the rest of the ladies that working that night but the atmosphere, music, and scenery were excellent. Will definitely be back next time in KC.