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On Big BrotherMatty became the first member of the jury after mentally abusing his partner Natalie and was involved in other drama that makes no sense two years later. After the show concluded, he denied that the cast had a post-season orgy.

Big Brother 9 Natalie

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It began on 5 January and ended on 27 January

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Group 4: Neil, James, Matt and Jacob. Julie informed the houseguests that they will be playing the game as couples, partnered with their new soulmate. Julie explained that they will compete as couples, win Head of Household as couples, be nominated and evicted as couples.

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The couples also must sleep together in the same bed. One member of each couple will be suspended in the air while the other will lie in the bed below. When the suspended partner is lowered, you must grab on to your partner because you will all then be lifted in to the air. The couple that stays suspended in the air the longest will win the competition and become the Power Couple, giving them the sole power to evict another couple from the house. After four couples were eliminated, Julie issued a challenge to the remaining four couples.

Natalie cunial

She said that the heart pillows below them could be worth cash. Julie explained that they have 10 minutes in order to try to pick up the pillow using only their hands. The competition will test how well you know your soulmate.

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The houseguests will be separated from their partners and asked six questions. You will earn hearts for each correct answer. The couple with the most hearts at the end of six questions will become the He of Household.

Question 1: If you could describe your first impression of your soulmate with a roadwhat would it be: A full speed ahead B turn back now or C bumpy natalie ahead? Question 2: What physical trait would turn you off the most, A bad teeth B hairy legs C spare tire Big D unibrow? Question 3: Which of the following would be your ultimate fantasy, A naughty nurse B innocent cheerleader C flexible gymnast or D strict dominator? Question 4: If you could change one natalie of your body, which would it be: A face B chest C butt D thighs?

Question 5: In your wildest fantasy, who brother you most like to see brother up on your doorstep on a lonely afternoon: A pool boy B pizza boy C gardener or D cable guy? Question 6: Which of the following celebrity types best describes your personality: A bitchy underwear model B narcissistic Big C rebellious rocker or D pretentious royalty? Neil chose to leave the game due to an urgent personal matter. Joshuah chose Sharon to be his new partner.

Host: Joshuah. One member of each couple will be on the heart, while the other member will spin them as fast as they can. The houseguests on the heart must hold on to the handle above their head and keep the panic button pushed in. If you let go of your panic button, your counter will stop and that will be your final score. The first team to reach revolutions will win the Power of Veto.

Votes to evict Allison and Ryan 1 : Matt and Natalie. Julie will ask six opinion based questions. Answer how you feel the majority of the group will respond. If you answer with the majority you will receive one point. Each answer will come with a reward or a consequence. The couple with the most points after six questions will become the new He of Household. Question 1: What would the majority of the house rather go without for the next 72 hours, A hot food or B hot water? Majority: B. Question 2: What would the majority rather see the women wear for the next 24 hours, A their bathing suit or B their soulmates favourite outfit?

Majority: A. Everyone answered with the majority. Question 3: What would the majority rather lose for a week, A eating utensils or B drinking cups? Question 4: Everyone in the house is looking for a little fun. Would the majority of you rather have A a margarita party or B an outdoor grill?

Question 5: For the next week, would the majority of you rather have A the men serve breakfast in bed or B the women cook dinner? Question 6: Would the majority of you rather go two weeks without A workout equipment or B the washing machine?

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Host: Adam. Packed inside of thousands of pounds of peanuts are cables that can be used to restore communication. By properly adjusting the utility poles and connecting them with the correct cables, you can complete the task at hand. When you are done, press the button and if your red light lights up you have won.

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The couple that can solve the puzzle and restore communication with the outside world will win the Power of Veto and will also allow the houseguests to receive information from the outside world. Votes to evict Matt and Natalie 0 : None. Julie will ask a series of questions about one of the love quotes that can be found around the house. Buzz in first and answer correctly to eliminate someone from the competition. Buzz in and answer incorrectly and you will be eliminated. The ladies will play first, followed by the men. The last man and woman will then face off to see who will become the winner.

Question 1: Which author said "the course of true love never did run smooth"? Answer: Shakespeare. Sharon answered correctly and eliminated Allison from the competition. Answer: Goethe. Sharon answered correctly and eliminated Sheila from the competition.

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Answer: Dostoevsky. Sharon answered correctly and eliminated Natalie from the competition. Ryan answered incorrectly and was eliminated from the competition. Answer: None of the above. Joshuah answered correctly and eliminated Matt from the competition.

Answer: Wilde. Joshuah answered correctly and eliminated Adam from the competition. Host: James. The couples will work together to complete the cupid puzzle high above them in the clouds.

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As the guys cross the field to grab puzzle pieces, the women will be hoisted in the air by a pulley system attached to their partner. The first couple to do so will win the Power of Veto. Matt and Natalie used the Power of Veto on themselves.

'big brother 9' evicts natalie cunial, crowns ryan quicksall next hoh

Allison and Ryan nominated Adam and Sheila as the replacement nominees. Votes to evict Adam and Sheila 0 : None. As Allison and Ryan attempted to leave the house, they found out that the door was locked. The sirens then went off. The houseguests then gathered in the living room. Julie informed them that they are now playing the game as individuals. Julie them revealed that only one of Allison and Ryan will be leaving tonight.

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The houseguests then voted to evict. Votes to evict Ryan 0 : None. Julie will ask a series of true or false questions about the order of things that have happened in the Big Brother house. Answer correctly to stay in the game. Answer incorrectly and you will be eliminated from the competition. The last houseguest standing will become the new HoH.

Answer: False.

Powerups are unlocked in r/bigbrother

Everyone answered correctly. Answer: True. James and Natalie answered incorrectly and were eliminated from the competition. Chelsia, Matt and Sheila answered incorrectly and were eliminated from the competition.

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Everyone answered incorrectly. Question 5: True or false, the houseguests found out about the Hudson River virus before the house voted to lose hot water for 72 hours. Adam answered incorrectly and was eliminated from the competition. The object of the game is to shoot your ball as close to the veto pocket as possible. Each player will get one shot per round.