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From PvP, PvE, gear hunting, and life skills; BDO has a lot to offer when it comes to keeping their players busy running around the fields as Pearl Abyss doles out weekly every Wednesday! Though BDO is much more enjoyable with friends, there are still a considerable amount of players who prefer to walk the world on their own and do everything solo. A great class right off the bat, the Witch and Wizard classes are on a whole new level all on its own due its mobility, DPS s, a myriad of healing skills, and a handful of reliable buffs.

Black Desert Online Sucks

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However, after the official transfer of service on February 25th, you will be required to create and link a Pearl Abyss to continue playing Black Desert Online through Steam.

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It's a shame most people here won't have the attention span to read past the second line. Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman. Newbies get a welcome package while returning players get a few upgrades to help with their preferred status.

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It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! In Register. Maurgrim Member Rare Posts: 1, BDO have a great foundation when It comes to quests, mini games, farming, crafting, sailing, hunting and ofc the open world, no loading zones and well crafted one with sweet graphics. Then we have the enchantment aspect of the game, you have your armor, weapon and trinkets, now you have to enchant em to get desert stats and that are really stupid system to begin with, yes I understand it is kinda normal in Asian games to have some kind of grind.

If they dropped all this enchantment system and went full classic drops, sets via quests, crafting, bosses like western games I'm sure this game would boom in players, I don't mind farming or grind but the idiotic enchantment system really ruins the game, the game it self has so many fun things to do so many life things to do, but If you want to compete you have to suck the RNG gods in enchantment system.

I would like too see armour sets you can find in drops like in EQ, you fight bosses, mobs and hoping for a online drop.

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Scorchien Member Legendary Posts: 8, August Scorchien said:. Aragoni Member Uncommon Posts: It's way too weeb for me.

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Copperfield Member Rare Posts: Mechanism Member Uncommon Posts: Are the stats you gain with each level still partially randomized? If so that always comes to mind as a baffling decision for any non permadeath game.

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Maurgrim said:. Its to easy.

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Ive never died onceNever gotten close to dyingand this is consistently pulling mass amounts of red con mobs over 20 at a time. Helen Keller could PVE this game if given 5 minutes learning combos. Could stick her in a spawn area and turn her loose RemyVorender Member Rare Posts: 3, BDO is just janky, flashy garbage.

KnightFalz Member Epic Posts: 2, August edited August Mikeha Member Epic Posts: 9, Black Desert has rocked the entire world. Does using a credit card help you with enchanting? If it does, I think that is the whole purpose Kyleran Member Legendary Posts: 38, Mikeha said:. Black Desert has wrecked the entire world. Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but delight in airing their own opinions. PvbsNIV. KnightFalz said:.

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Except for it is boring as heck. Combat: Boring and unrewarding Crafting: Boring and overcomplicated for no reason Quests: Boring and lifeless. The only thing it really had going for it was the graphics. Wizardry Member Legendary Posts: 19, Well op i disagree on pretty much everything you said.

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Yes there is some suck to enchanting systems we often see in Asian games however enchanting alone isn't bad,just bad in some games such as BDO. You know what i like about BDO?? So to say it could be a hit,well yeah anything could be a hit,if this was released by blizzard it likely gets a free pass and remains a heavily marketed game with decent s,that does NOT mean it is a well deed game.

I do not adhere to deing games for lazy people or people who whine black time constraints as there are already TONS of games catered to those type of people,go play them. I also do not adhere to grind for the sake of running a cash shop because cash shops are NEVER on my to do list and i try to avoid all the cash online games.

If desert publisher ,developer tries to enforce cash shop gaming on me,i will simply play single player or no games at all. I can break down EVERY single aspect of a game's de and tell you how it should have been done or at least done better or with some effort. I am not seeing much effort from mmopg developers because it is a very tough genre with a lot of systems that all need addressing,so yeah takes a lot of effort to do it right.

BDO has everything, but none of it provides substance. BDO wants to be inclusive, but it's really meant for those with high-end PCs because otherwise you're missing out on the only good part: the graphics.

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WoeToTheVanquished said:. Most of the praise I see for BDO is based on things other than combat, mainly the life skill elements in particular.

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It would seem for those so inclined that combat and the related s, and the other issues routinely critiqued, aren't so important they override what they do enjoy about the game. An appeal not shared by you, or understood by you, doesn't negate it for those that have it. If everyone wanted the exact same game there would be only one to have.

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So, the reason some play BDO is tastes vary, and the only taste that matters when choosing what to play is your own. Phry Member Legendary Posts: 11, Phry said:. Dibdabs Member Rare Posts: 2, In or Register to comment. Trending Features Latest game. ProfileOptions',' Content'.

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