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Bob like paris for posing that like walking

Together sinceBob and Brian were legally married in British Columbia after the province equalized the marriage laws in He was kicked out of his home at an early age leaving him to fend for himself, and at times, he was rejected by society, which once supported him and praised him as being the best competitor in the business.

Bob Paris Posing

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Buy Bob's Books! Bodybuilding Record of Bob Paris Mr. Think about it. It's a scary thought, that our bodies are no more than atoms swirling around faster than other collections of atoms.

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Bob paris bodybuilder

Bob Paris is a bodybuilding legend and a fan favorite. His claim to fame was sculpting a lean, strong, beautiful and aesthetic physique. He was also ahead of his years in terms of maturity.

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He was thinking well ahead into the future and planning for life after bodybuilding, which many athletes fail to do leading to their ruin. Bob Paris smashed the notion that bodybuilders where just a bunch of dumb meathe.

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Actually, all the notable Golden Era bodybuilders had big brains and social skills. Mass monsters like Dorian Yates and Lee Haney hit the scene and changed bodybuilding forever.

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Unfortunately, Bob Paris was a casualty of an evolving bodybuilding culture. He was a man that stuck to his guns and refused to compromise his beliefs when the massive muscle masters hit the stage. Although Paris admitted to using steroids under duress, he did so to a limit and would not sacrifice his athletic looking physique. Abuse of anabolic steroids was rampant and obvious. Aesthetics and physical beauty of the physique are no longer taken into consideration when it came time to judge the winner of a bodybuilding competition.

As a result Bob Paris opted out of competitive bodybuilding and focused on building his business empire. Bob Paris had a great physique.

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Similar to that of Frank Zane. Not to mention he had phenomenal abdominals. Great abdominals.

Bob paris – flawless marvel (download)

Once Paris was able to hit his top rep in all sets, he would increase the weight 5 — 10 pounds. The only real way you will make one hundred percent progress…is by eating these meals…. If you work away from home—buy several resealable plastic containers—pack all your meals and take them with you. His ideal in bodybuilding is to have all the body parts coordinate together and to have an aesthetic, beautiful physique with good size and perfect symmetry.

He strived to display the beauty of the human form, and injected a dose of personality into his bodybuilding posing.

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Paris was much more approachable compared to the bodybuilders today, as his physique had a better appeal to most people. Find me at the gym.

Bob paris’ workout and diet

How can I help you? Follow me on Instagram for fitness tips and meal ideas ironandgrit. My mission is to help people get stronger and live happy ….