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Elite wear forced diaper for boy

Caroline Woods, the mother of a 7-year-old boy, has been charged with child abuse after someone spotted the boy wearing a soiled diaper outside his home, the Chicago Tribune is reporting. Caroline Woods is being held without bail and is alleged to have pummeled her son for years with a baseball bat, extension cord, pole, and any other thing she could lay her sadistic hands on. The boy said the only time he was spared from the severe beatings was when he was locked up in the closet.

Boys Forced To Wear Diapers

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He had always made the top grade point average in his class, was well liked by his peers and teachers. He was involved in many extra-curricular activities like being student government president of his sophomore class and singing in the school choirs. Even though he rarely played in sports, he did like to play soccer with the JV squad.

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They let him play occasionally against internal matches. From all the appearances he seemed to be leading the perfect life for a boy only 15 years old. However, Bob didn't really have it as good as his record at school might indicate. His problems did not originate from school as they would for most boys his age, but rather from his own parents and their treatment of him at home. Every day when he arrived home from school, Bob was forced to change out of his school clothes to be replaced with thick cloth diapers.

Twelve 21" x 40" Curity baby diapers of which six were triple folded and placed in the front and crotch as a soaker pad and teen-sized plastic pants. Once diapered, he could wear either his blue footed sleeper or special pants made to accommodate thick diapers. They had snaps along the crotch for easy diaper changes. Once in awhile he had to wear an onesie with his special snap pants, which made him look more like a toddler than the year-old old he was.

During the warmer months he would just wear his thick cloth diapers, plastic pants and a T-shirt.

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This was all rather strange apparel for a boy of It was his punishment for his nightly bedwetting. Yes, since age 11, Bob had awakened every morning with his thick night diapers bunched up, warm and wet in his crotch every morning. Originally Bob's parents hadn't done anything about his bedwetting until he had wet every night for two weeks straight.

His mother had been very concerned by that time and took him to the doctor. The physical exam showed no reason for his nightly bedwetting. The doctor was at a loss for a cure as there was nothing physically wrong, but did say that the only advice he had was to make as little as possible out of his nighttime accidents that Bob had. About a week later his mom took him to an analyst to check any emotional problems that could be causing his regression to bedwetting.

He was hypnotized and given a full battery of tests, but again there was no clue found that could either explain or cure his "weakness". This doctor also said it would be but to just cope with the problem in a way that would cause all parties the least inconvenience until Bob could regain control of his bladder at night. His mom was already tired of the excessive laundry, the wet sheets and pajamas caused and Bob was having a difficult time sleeping in the bed after he had wet in it.

The doctor had said that he didn't think that it would worsen the problem if "certain preventative measures" were taken. He then asked Bob to wait in the lobby and the doctor spent about 15 minutes filling his mom in on these "measures". When she came out, Bob had on idea what had been discussed or what would happen to him starting that night. Bob was returned to school to his sixth grade class to finish out the day.

Unknown to him, his mother was out shopping for his new nighttime wear that would allow him to cope with his bedwetting. She was fortunate that the last doctor had seen many types of these cases and knew where she could obtain all of the necessary products and nighttime clothing she needed in one afternoon.

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When he arrived home after school, his mom had finished the shopping and was waiting for him with a hug just as usual. Bob had no idea that she had bought him whole new nighttime clothes. Shortly after his dad had gotten home and they finished dinner, Bob went out to play. While he was out, his mom explained to his dad both what the doctor had said and what course of action he had recommended. His dad agreed boy his mother that something had to be done to protect the bedding and give Bob a good night's rest he deserved without wet pajamas or sheets.

When Bob's bedtime finally rolled around, both of his parents went with him to his room. Bob did not understand why, as he had been dressing himself for bed for at least 5 years or diaper. Maybe they wanted to talk or read to him, he thought. Your mother and I are very concerned about this, as I am sure you are, too. Both of the doctors said that forced is nothing that can be done to stop your wetting other than for you to grow out of it.

It could be this year. In the meantime, wt are just going to have to do whatever we can to make the situation more bearable for all of us until you quit bedwetting. Thanks to the doctor you went today, we have found means to eliminate most of the problems your wetting causes. Your mom will explain the rest. I want you to get undressed completely and then wear me and I will get you ready for bed.

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He took off ah his clothes except his underwear and then hollered at his mom. Bob couldn't believe his eyes when his mother came back into the room. It looked like she was carrying a bunch of baby diapers and a large pair of plastic pants! You don't have to be embarrassed. Both of us have seen you naked before.

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His "little-boy" body was hairless, and as yet, showed little s of the pubescent growth that he would begin to experience in a couple of years. You will get used to it after a night or two. We will keep it a secret in the family so that you won't feel ashamed. But until you become dry at night again, when you are ready to go to bed, either your dad or myself will diaper you for the night. Soon, you will be old enough to diaper yourself, but we want to at least check you to be sure that you will not leak.

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Oh, how he struggled to hold back the tears as his mother diapered him that first night. Just as his mother had told him, Bob felt strange the first few nights. He had to lie down on his bed, exposing his naked, hairless body to either his mom or dad. He had not been diapered since he was four years old, and even for a four year old, wearing diapers at that age was a little odd. Bob was instructed to lie down on his bed, where the thick cloth diapers were placed underneath him.

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They sprinkled some baby powder over his privates and then pulled up the diapers, pinning them on each side a large ducky diaper pin. Next, he had to stand up and step into the leg holes of his teen-sized plastic pants. Lastly, they pulled his pajama bottoms up over the diapers and plastic pants. His pajama bottoms were so bulky that when Bob saw himself in the mirror that first night, he felt he resembled a three-year old toddler instead of the year old boy he was.

Every morning his parents would wake him up by sticking a hand into the front of his plastic pants to see if he had wet. They always found thoroughly soaked diapers to be changed. Soon, Bob came to realize that he not only needed his night diapers to control his nightly bedwetting, but he also wanted to wear them for his own enjoyment.

When his parents and Bob would visit relatives during the summer or even during the holidays, Bob would have to wear thick disposable diapers instead of the normal thick cloth diapers and plastic pants he wore every night to bed. He got some kidding from some of his cousins as his disposable diapers crinkled underneath his pajamas or when they saw his diapers stick out from his pants whenever he bent over.

His thick disposable diapers were always covered by a pair of plastic pants, just to be sure that he didn't leak on other's people's beds.

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After a few nights of being diapered, Bob looked in his closet to examine what his parents had bought for him to control his nightly bedwetting. There were a couple dozen Curity cloth diapers, in different thicknesses. Several dozen plastic pants were in assorted pastel colors and as well as frosty white ones. Most of his plastic pants were of the pull-on style, but several of them were of the snap-on variety.

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Also in his closet were a case of Attends medium disposable diapers and a case of a disposable diaper doublers. The package said that the diaper doublers were for additional absorbency within disposable diapers or even to help with messy cleanups in cloth diapers.

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There was even a package of "Peadouce" junior disposable diapers. These diapers were really thick and the plastic covering was of a light blue instead of the normal white diapers he was used to. After about a year of this routine, Bob was still wetting his diapers full every night.

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His father felt that he just wasn't trying to be dry and decided that maybe if he was diapered whenever he was home, Bob might be shamed into dryness. Now, at age 12, Bob was forced to wear diapers and plastic pants all the time he was home.

He really didn't mind this turn of events, because he had begun to enjoy being diapered by this time.