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Me within an english class on the University of Tennessee and my professor stated that when certainly one of us could get published our blog published on the site, we will get a computerized A in the course. Please, if anyone knows how you can get a blog published on Amnesty International, or has any tips, please let me know! Thanks so much!.

Choose Your Own Spanking

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Do you have any suggestions? I am interested in stories where girls are getting spanked and the perspective of the choices is either third person or the person giving the spankings. I remember reading one story like that on this site a long time ago but it wasn't really what I was looking for because only one path resulted in an acceptable ending. It is more interesting if there are multiple paths that all lead to different that are worth reading. That is what makes a choose your own adventure story different than a normal story.

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These games also contain lots and lots of spankings. You can find more transformation-themed games than you can shake a switch at, but spanking games? Not so much. Always remember that these are works of fantasy. In the real world, non-consensual spankings are abuse.

Please, remember: Safe, Sane, Consensual. The source code for all the games on this site are released under the GPL v3. Basically, this means that you are free to take my source code, modify it and release your own game so long as you:. Give me credit for my hard work.

Release your game under the same or a compatible. It means you are free to take my characters, settings, ideas, etc and use them to create your own stories, artwork, etc so long as you:.

Release your work under the same or a compatible. This ensures that anything derived from my game continues to be free and open for other people to mess around with, and it means I can incorporate your work into my own. In the near future, you and your close friend Juliana are just normal college students, out one Friday evening without a care in the world beyond making curfew. But something happens. Something that gives you incredible powers. Face an assortment of supervillains of varying degrees of dasterdliness, each with their own power and gimmick.

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Meet and team up with other superheroes, and secret government agents, but be careful! They all have their own motives, and may not look out for your best interests. Will you be am angsty part-time hero, a heroic boyscout or a grumpy mcGrumpyface? The choice is up to you! De your own character. Male or female, fat or thin, pale or dark, flabby or muscular.

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Engage in a deep, character-driven story with heroes, villains, and everything in between. Characters will react in fundamentally different ways to the different choices you make. A few decisions may even fundamentally alter how you experience the story! Participate in fast-paced, strategic combat with zero randommness. You will succeed or fail on the merits of your tactics, not the whims of the RNG god. Use powers that harm enemies, inhibit them, or strengthen your own characters.

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Break and twist the rules of combat to overcome overwhelming odds. Watch your character grow stronger based on the choices you make during the story. Move fast and break things, and watch your speed increase!

Watch carefully, and take out enemies with pinpoint precision to see your power climb! Play a weak speedster, a musclebound maniac, a crafty tactitian, or a jack of all trades. Experience a whole bunch of spanking scenes in the first episode alone. This game is on hiatus.

Choose your own adventure spanking stories

A city has been torn apart by 20 years of civil war, sparked by the introduction of a wondrous, addicting new invention: healing potions. Her people have been scattered across the known world. Many have come to Avaricum, a city rife with corruption and poverty, where forces gather in preparation of a maelstrom of chaos and violence.

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Navigate a twisted labyrinth of conflicting goals, contradictory motivations, and factions more than evil but less than good. Do the Vengadores want freedom or power? Do the guards oppress or protect? Is there a difference?

Is one side monsters, and the other men? Are they both monsters?

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Are they both men? Struggle to answer these questions and more as you explore Avaricum, meet and befriend members of both factions, and many in between and eventually pick a side. Drama is well and good, but spankings are spicy. Male or female, fat or thin, short or tall, flabby or muscular. Engage in a deep, character-driven story with neither heroes nor villains, but everything in between.

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A few decisions will even fundamentally alter how you experience the story! Participate in fast-paced, strategic combat with minimal randomness. Cast spells that harm enemies, inhibit them, or strengthen your own characters. Grapple spell casters to keep them from targeting multiple characters. Defend your own spell casters from the same fate. Spank your enemies silly! Watch your character grow stronger based on their actions in combat. The more you cast spells, the better you get at spell casting, the more you grapple an opponent, the better you get at grappling! Experience more than 10 spanking scenes in the first episode alone, the vast majority of which are optional.

Feel free to contact me at sprpgs gmail.

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You may also contact me on animeotk. Or just comment somewhere on my site!

How do I run the game to play? New to most gaming. But this gaming concept I was drawn to. Even on Minecraft, I play in peaceful mode. But the fun of a role play spanking is very appealing. Since I am a spanko as many into this game. Oh, I just read you are still working on the game detail.

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So we are not able to play yet. That explains things a bit. I look forward to the game play date. I am currently working on a different game, a superhero game in the style of Silver Age superhero comics. Unfortunately, the author has been dormant for about a year now, but they do have two books.

The first, Master of the Manor, can be played for free on the website. These were the books that inspired me to craft my own game. There are also two RPG Maker games on animeotk. Both are in their very larval stages. One has been put on hold until the author gets some more time, the other is in active development. Is the game mainly reading along a trascript that is what I am doing so far.

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