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Sex liked change woman who Ciara figure

Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox are two of the most famous members of the transgender community, but they are far from alone.

Ciara Sex Change

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She was beautiful and talented. And around that time someone tied a salacious rumor to her — that she was born male but had been altered through surgical means to have the appearance of a female:. I have been hearing from many people that the hip-hop artist Ciara used to be a man and had to have a sex change. Even more, I heard that she stated it on national televison!

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Rumor holds that popular singer ciara was born male and discussed her childhood transition to female openly with oprah winfrey.

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New posts. Search forums. Latest activity. Install the app. Who started that rumor of Ciara being transgender when we were kids? Thread starter Cyan Start date Jul 25, You are using an out of date browser.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Nov 15, Messages 10, Reactions8, 5, Alleybux 29, And how the hell did it spread around the world? When 1, 2 Step came out, I was like in Grade 2 and I remember watching the video on MTV and my sister telling me that Ciara was born a man and not to watch that video. ed Dec 26, Messages 18, Reactions8, 1, AlleybuxSome hatin ass bish. Hikaru Utada. ed Jun 9, Messages Reactions 14, Alleybux 5,, You on a Ciara marathon today, OP?

Also, I have no idea. I vaguely remember that, too. ed Aug 18, Messages 28, Reactions7, 7, AlleybuxI bet it was a person she went to change with. This fucking rumor was horrible as fuck. Ciara just had a muscular frame. ed Jul 8, Messages 33, Reactions7, sex, AlleybuxI knew it was bullshit when mfs kept saying she went on Oprah and did an interview as but could never Ciara which episode.

Reaction of the community

ed Oct 9, Messages 14, Reactions2, 1, AlleybuxIdk but I remember during the stan wars back in the day people were photoshopping her pics and adding penises and facial hair and it was just savage. I was a ignant heffa back then and thought it was funny smh.

Eggs Aisle. ed Jun 9, Messages Reactions 47, 1, 66 Alleybux 0. This rumor had my little cousin hurt when he heard it back then. ed Dec 10, Messages 8, Reactions 84, 7, 2, Alleybux 5, My family friend works in entertainment, I was suppose to follow her around on a CC press run back when she was w future But CC canceled BC because she was still mad about that and other things. ed Feb 18, Messages 6, Reactions7, 3, AlleybuxI thought the rumor was that she was intersex, not transgender.

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Her career took a huge hit after that rumor! I remember everybody was talking about it.

R&b singer ciara was born male: fact check

ed Sep 6, Messages 10, Reactions1, AlleybuxDumb af. Brandon Fallis. ed Apr 18, Messages 8, Reactions 87, 2, Alleybux 37, The internet. It was a chain e-mail. That there was an Oprah interview in which her mom confessed that she was born inter-sex not transgendered. She was born change "two" genitalia. There was another chain e-mail about an Oprah interview in which Tommy Hilfiger was upset that Black people were wearing his clothing and walked off the set. THIS one is hazy to me. Because I have a vague memory of this happening.

I still won't walk in the man's store. However, the second e-mail had been alluded to be true -- not necessarily that he walked off Oprah's stage sex stated this but that this how he felt about it behind the scenes. ed Jan 4, Messages Ciara, Reactions8, 5, Alleybux 57, People really can be so hurtful.

I remember those rumors and people lying saying she confirmed it on TV. Humans are ssholes. Click to expand ed Mar 2, Messages 15, Reactions5, 3, Alleybux 7, Aww man those were the good days lmaooo. ed Mar 7, Messages 11, Reactions5, 2, Alleybux 7, Cyan said:. ed Dec 22, Messages 52, Reactions4, AlleybuxOne of the dumbest rumors ever.

Oda Mae Brown. ed May 8, Messages 29, Reactions1, Alleybux 52, It was that she was intersex not trans. I do remember that but I guess when you're you hear penis and automatically think man. ed Aug 1, Messages 36, Reactions10, 3, Alleybux 13, Damn that reminded me of how dumb we were as kids lmao.

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There was also that crazy ass rumor about Bow Wow Spoiler: Possibly triggering being molested or raped by his limo driver. Jay Johnson. ed Mar 26, Messages 8, Reactions6, Alleybux 4, Brandon Fallis said:.

Other versions

ed May 14, Messages 9, Reactions 64, 3, 4, AlleybuxShe addressed, some bitch reporter was like" " What's the craziest rumor you heard about yourself Swear I do not get the Ciara hate. She is pretty, can dance, and basically lives her life. The biggest issue is she needs her music to mature to Mid-Thirties women. I wish people would leave her alone. ed Aug 17, Messages 15, Reactions 36, AlleybuxI totally forgot about that rumor.

That had to hurt to hear someone say something like that about you as a teen. ed Jul 21, Messages 1, Reactions 5, 49 AlleybuxI think it was a snopes article of this. The synopsis of the origin was when ciara was new people googled ciara.

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People saw it and spread the rumor and morphed it. This rumour happened aroundI believe. Maybe at the latest lol. ed Jul 11, Messages Reactions 4, Alleybux Rihanna and Melissa.