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I Cillian guy that murphy ukrainian

See his nice butt and a couple of cockshots after the jump [NSFW].

Cillian Murphy Penis

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Cillian murphy

What is it about dicks? As a society, we have been trained to view the penis as controversial. It begins in health class in middle school — or not, depending on which part of the world you live in — and it continues into adulthood. Outside of pornography, people laugh at peckers. Any person with a vagina can run around completely nude with their genitalia fully in the frame in horror.

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And in the rare instance that someone does show their stiffy on screen, it immediately becomes the talking point or laughing stock of the film. Never mind that those same audiences could have seen the damn thing sans CGI imagery in Wild Things two years prior. Strangely, an extension that people are so proud of can simultaneously be the punchline of any film in which it makes an appearance. What is it that keeps most from wanting to dangle their dongs in front of a camera? It could be argued that there is a conspiracy in the people-with-a-phallus-dominated film industry.

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After all, too much peen on-screen or too hard of a hard-on gets a film slapped with an NC rating. But show a vagina? An R is totally fine.

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What does that say about the vagina? That needs to stop. Of course, there is the issue of size.

Cillian murphy slams media attention over his nudity in 'peaky blinders'

People with trouser snakes are afraid of people asing their self-worth with the size of their flaccid frankfurter. Are people with vaginas self-conscious about the size of their labia? Even when we have someone with a meat pole going full-frontal, prosthetics or CGI are normally used.

This is especially true if the quivering member is meant to be erect. And yet, the tide is seemingly turning. Films like HereditaryUnder the Skinand The Love Witch all have sequences of full-frontal penile nudity, albeit from side characters or extras.

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the Certified Forgotten Patreon community today. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Editorials Halloweiner. November 3, by Trace Thurman.

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