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Laila is the central protagonist of the Craving Control series. She is a incredibly gorgeous redhead who lives with her best friend Jane and struggles to control her tremendous appetite. Lalia is a rather tall woman who can easily be recognised by her long, bright red hair and piercing blue eyes.

Craving Control Comic

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By riptoryxAugust 15, in Your Comics. Hey--for all those folks who remember the "Craving Control" comic from a few years back, you might be interested to know that the author has very recently popped up over at DeviantArt once again with a small new addition featuring Lalia and her long-suffering roommate, Jane. Here's a link to the author's new temporary? Consider dropping him a friendly comment on his DeviantArt if you've enjoyed his work. I'm sure he'd appreciate the feedback.

Name: Benetta
How old am I: 28
Sexual identity: I love gentleman
Iris color: I’ve got clear blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my body type: My body features is chubby

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It followed a beautiful young freshman named Lalia, as she attempts to survive college with her roommate Jane. The twist was that Lalia had a massive appetiteoften with the gut to show itwhich is the entire point of the series.

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Created by an artist only known as Arthurthe series has had a surprisingly eventful publication history, starting out in as a simple Web Comic prone to Schedule Slipbefore moving to deviantArt for a time with a tremendous shift in tone and irregular updates. The focus shifted away from story telling and focussed purely on Lalia's increasing gluttony. After quietly releasing three new s inthe series was a second revived by fetish artist Adjective Noun Combo, collaborating with Arthur to expand on the existing story and give it an official conclusion.

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Adjective Noun Combo has since deactivated his gallery, leaving the series completed, but once more without an immediate home. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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Lalia enjoys a small snack. Counting Unclassified Webcomics Crossover Wars. Show Spoilers.

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