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Francais devil searching pattaya to den

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Devils Den Pattaya

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The Devils Den is one of the most talked about and preeminent venues in Pattaya. Whilst Pattaya is able to boast of many Agogo bars and clubs full of beautiful girls, the Devils Den is on a whole new level when it comes to that magical experience.

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I went online to check out the Devil's Den pattaya website when I noticed this that the website was gone and what was left was some large font with the message "The Devil's Den is Under New Management". Then it redirects you to a different site similar name but different and the website looked the same. Was the website hijacked or is this den I'm not sure so I looked through google and pattaya this cached message which I've shown below.

Looks like some foul play by the owner of the building. Well the Devils Den is still operational so it must just be that it's under new management. That's Thailand for you. The Usual Drama. For those of you who care for the details, it is the usual Pattaya soap opera. The husband of the devil leaseholder thought it was a sharp logo and a converted shop-house that made the brand successful- not fanatical customer service and sound management. Without his wife's knowledge he came to us with a rather… unique staffing idea- we wanted no part of it.

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Seeing how well the business was doing, he became greedy, and decided that all he had to do was drive out the people who actually built the Devil's Den and then make his own website because he has a friend who's "good with computers" this would be easy. He would then be free to implement his staffing "solution" at the same location, using the Devil's Den good reputation, but without the Den's founders as an obstacle. Not a very clever move, but a surprisingly regular occurrence in Pattaya and a risk for any successful business that makes a name for itself.


Because of course, we all know that if you cut open the goose you can get all the golden eggs at one time. In the end, it was far better for us to walk away than to compromise the values that made the Devil's Den such a unique and progressive institution.

Hijacked Of course, the parties using the Den name and age now at the old LK Metro location have simply hijacked the brand and whatever portions of the business model they could puzzle together. The managers you are accustomed to dealing with have left, and unfortunately can take no responsibility for what you may experience in any business that has chosen to co-opt the name.

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Our Den Thanks. Despite this unfortunate ending, we would like to thank all of our loyal customers. We were always amazed by the class of patrons we were able to attract, their loyalty, and most of all the genuine kindness with which they treated the staff. Providing service, and meeting even the most difficult challenges was a true pleasure and we sincerely regret that we will no longer be able to do so. Further inquiries can be directed to [ protected].

Now just because the new owner now has the place the logo the brand will it still be as successful? The owners did a fantastic job at promotion and customer service will the new owner be as successful? Only time will tell. I'm not on the ground in Pattaya so if anyone there knows more details please write a comment below let us know. The owners, Wassana and Michael, are the same. The former manager, John, is gone. It seems there was an attempted coup by the web host who posted some misinformation. I was in Pattaya in December and had bookings for pattaya girls at various dates.

A complete let down and a waste of money. Some comments on the girls. Had her all day. No GFE. Always on the mobile. Wanted to go back to hotel at 8pm so could watch movie. When I told her off, she showed her attitude. Very over rated and commercially orientated. Cunning and devils her looks to get her way. Poor sex.

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A big NO. Nice enough girl, controlled and influenced by Maggie. Not recommended with Maggie.

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Cake — Old looking at used by date long gone The others were nothing to talk about. Enough said. THe place was very diaorgaised bookings were mixed up. Girls that were booked did not turn up.

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Others turned up at times and dates that were not booked. Went back to complain and got some refund back but less that I expected. No problems, I left that to experiece. While I was thereanother customer, came in, also complaining and was dissapointewd thatthe girl he booked did not turn up and he had other issues as well from a booking.

Devils den contact

Save your money, for what they are charging you expect top quality and service. You can do better with a little planning and visiting the go gos. I found that even the girls at go — goes were better looking than the DD girls. I will never visit the place again. A complete shadow of its past.

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Management needs to lift its game and girls need to be more customer service orientated. I visited Patts in October and booked Toni for an outcall we had a good couple of hours of fun. We went to sleep with the intention of having another session but woke with about 30mins for her leaving time, Toni felt bad so we had a real quick dirty minutes. Then she changed and left, later than expected. I stopped by when I arrived to pay my deposit.

Toni remembered me and the 3 of us had a great time. It was in the last week of December. Sadly my sleep was ruined by the nearby local celebrations for pending new year, but the girls were able to get some. I really miss John.

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He got me squared away with Bang and Rose, two of the hottest girls Ive ever seen. It was a mistake to take Bang to Koh Samui though.

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She came drunk to my hotel and acted like a bitch the first day. Michael chewed me out telling me that these girls were there for sex, not for a GF experience. Im staying with bar girls from now on. Maybe not as hot, but potentially a better attitude. Not a place for a GFE. I read a lot of interesting posts here. Probably you spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of work, there is an online tool that creates readable, google friendly posts in seconds, just search in google — masagaltas free content.

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The Usual Drama For those of you who care for the details, it is the usual Pattaya soap opera. Our Sincere Thanks Despite this unfortunate ending, we would like to thank all of our loyal customers. Further inquiries can be directed to [ protected] Now just because the new owner now has the place the logo the brand will it still be as successful? Related Posts:. Snoop Tomboy Club in Pattaya. Pattaya Nightclub Reviews Pt. Dirty soapy massage parlors in Pattaya. Bangkok vs Chiang Mai vs Pattaya. About Chris Chris founded LivingThai.