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Tutorial woman cum guy for Drawing

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Drawing Cum Tutorial

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Name: Delphine
Age: 22
Nationality: Kenyan
Tint of my iris: I’ve got warm gray-green eyes
I understand: Italian
My body features: I'm overweight

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Yeah I know there's tons of ways to create cum in photoshop. And a lot of tutorials aren't really what I'm looking for.

I want to draw the cum in photoshop. Example would be what Darkway does in his works. I get the concept of using eraser over and over but I'm missing something other then painting white globs and erasing.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It doesn't seem natural. So if anyone knows a site that has a tutorial please let me know. Anyone know where I find a turkey baster for Poser? I remember there used to be one somewhere but I can't find it.

Let's learn some arts

I tend to use the paintbrush and the smudge tool to string out if you will the money shot. I have also used the line toll to kinda map out trajectories eww and then with another layer paint and smudge using the curve I set up and then add a little for the odd shaped glob and smudge it down imagining the gravity bit. I tried the spooge thing from here and although it ain bad.

It's not quite what I'm looking for try a search at rendo I think that was where i got the basters it a set of like 6 I think. I needed this. And yeah I've tried a whole lot of different ways for cum but I still feel like I'm doing something wrong.

This should work great. I had the better by modeling and then postproducing. If you know sone fluid simulator:study: it's not too hard, just set the viscosity between oil and honey:laughing If I'll have time, I'll make a little Blender Tut.

That would be awesome! I have blender But I don't want to spend the money on it only for it to sit there collecting dust. LOL the shameless plug.

Hentai foundry

No thanks i want to create my own by hand. But even the link I was given doesn't give the exact for cum.

Think more like My buddy Darkway. I'm wondering how he gets his to be so nice looking. Maybe I'll just message him.

Idk — h-how do you draw cum i've been practicing

Its lots and lots of painting in postwork, smudging, adding shadows, blurring Everybody has different ways of doing it. Alright I'll do that then. Just I had this tutorial for it I saved and when the comp crashed I never got to try it and have been going nuts looking all over the net for it.

But no luck. It looked really good to and the steps were simple to follow. But I'll give it a shot on the water. You cannot post new topics in this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.

Let's learn some arts

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