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Jan 5th Just once. When she was very young, they danced and wove in the sky above the castle of DunBroch.

Elsa X Merida

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Well, I was bored and I remembered about Merilsa.

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Hello Disnerds. Daniel Potter here with a new blog. Princess Merida and Queen Elsa both have beautiful personalities, remarkable skills and inner beauty!

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Both comes from two of Disney's hit movies and are perfect in one way or another so today I've made a blog on the similarities they both share! Of course they are Different in hundreds of ways too but let's talk about the similarities. Read till the end. Both Elsa and Merida did something which they regret.

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Elsa accidentally hit Anna while playing when they were young and accidentally revealed her powers in front of the whole village which wasn't her intention at all. Similarly Merida wanted to change her mother's thoughts about her not her appearance and it was a great mistake to turn her mother into a bear. But in the end Merida and Elsa learnt their lessons and both of them had a happy ending. Elsa learnt to control her powers and found her hidden potentials and Merida found out that what her mother thought about her and the strong bond of mother daughter relationship.

Elsa is a strikingly beautiful young woman with a tall slender figure, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin with a light dusting of freckles a trait she shares with her sister, Anna.

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Her hair and eyes are the features i like about her most. I love her hair. They both have extraordinary powers. Princess Merida on the other hand do not some super powers but her Archery skills and horse riding skills are just remarkable so they both are extraordinary in one way or another. Most Disney princesses dream of falling in love or try to make their dream come true.

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But Merida and Elsa don't do this. Both are tom-boy-ish princesses, both make comments about how men and marriages aren't necessary. Ok, Merida wants to be free but she doesn't want to get married as she still has her whole life ahead of her. Same is the case with Elsa.

She doesn't want anyone and wants to live on her own. I personally think that's what makes me like them even more than the others. Technically, but if it wasn't the box office success, being a queen probably wouldn't stop her from being a Disney princess.

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Loved it! I actually love to write Elsa, Merida and Astrid being besties!

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But cos of the age, I often write Mer with Punzie and Anna. Who cares! I love both of them anyways! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Likes Comments Like M Vanvid. Elsa isn't an official Disney princess, she has her own franchise.

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And great blog! Thanks Vanny! And Elsa's a queen isn't she!? The Winter Spirit Thank you :smiley:.

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Good post! Thank you :blush:.

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I love Merinda's hair too! If she had green eyes she would be way better! This is good. Featured post Official Pronoun Title Request.

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Featured post Some Disney Inktober Drawings. Featured post The Positivity Chronicles 8. Into Disney?

All you need is love [an elsa and merida love story]

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