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I'd like tainted female who emmies experiment

At least to have the minimum conclusion to her sexy-stuff path. Expect a patch tomorrow with the Crystal Goo stuff.

Emmy Trials In Tainted

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Name: Dix
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Emmy trials in tainted space rule34

A Question About Emmy's Quest. Thread starter Addla Start date Jun 27, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

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Addla Member. Jun 27, 5 0.

Emmy trials in tainted space hentai

I am attempting to obtain Emmy's Best Salamander Rifle and it is my understanding, as per the info from the wiki, that I need to have an aim stat equal to or greater than my physique stat in addition to gifting Picardine. When I give her the Picardine however she gives me the improved Vamp Blade.

Am I missing something here? Beardstein Member.

Mar 5, 21 0 You might have forgotten that you gave steele the affinity for physique. It not, then I gots no clue.

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Last edited by a moderator: Jun 27, Trogdor Well-Known Member. Apr 10, Addla said:. Click to expand Beardstein said:. Trogdor said:. The improved vamp blade is probably a much better weapon to have anyway.

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Just sayin'. That must be it, I have an affinity for physique. My bad. Thank you. How so?

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The shield draining effect affect does not seem all that great, though I could be mistaken on that. Yea, I have greater Physique on my Steele anyway. I just chose the lava saber, as I prefer the extra shields, chance to burn, and extra evasion than the other three. Maybe not, especially if you are ranged build, and obviously it only drains enemies that have shields.

A question about emmy's quest

However, there are times when you are blinded or hit by a smoke grenade, where suddenly your ranged accuracy plummets. Or, the enemy has high ranged evasion like cuntsnakes. And so in those cases it can be useful to help you survive while the status effect wears off. You may be totally right on it being the better choice.

I messed around with the regular version and it did not seem game changing, though I know the effect is greater on the improved version. The reason I was going with the rifle is because I had specced towards ranged. I'm pretty sure that, once you have second shot perk, the Secure MP will out-damage anything else in the game on average, even if you're a tech and your specialization is energy weapons, just because it will hit with its second attack so much more reliably than anything else in the game. That is what I went with, just gave her Kirkite when I realized I was not getting the rifle.

Khan's Arc Caster seems to be a better ranged weapon anyhow.

Trials in tainted space [v ]

Etis Well-Known Member Creator. Aug 26, 2, I just got a regular salamander rifle, since it's just a little less damage and the crit chance doesn't bother me, I usually just use melee. Etis said:. Khan's Arc Caster grants you just as much just from pure attack power. Just less reliable. By less reliable do you mean because of the chance of the second shot to miss? You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.