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The Family Guy cast includes veteran actors who bring their comedic abilities to the voices of their characters. Unusually, the creator, Seth MacFarlaneprovides voices for more than one character. Here is the Family Guy cast list to help you find out who does what voice.

Family Guy Bonnie Voice

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Played a warped version of himself as the mayor of Quahog. The situation soon becomes desperate, calling for desperate measures. Both characters have since died, but Durning returned once to play Francis as a ghost. About this time, Tilly started dividing her time between her film career and professional poker.

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Family Guy is known for mocking celebrities. It appears as though no celeb is safe from the writers' sardonic gags. But surprisingly, the show has also featured numerous celeb voice stars. Unlike other shows, Family Guy rarely publicizes its famous guests.

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Instead, it's up to vigilant viewers to listen out for familiar-sounding voices. The irreverent cartoon already boasts an impressive regular voice cast, with actress Mila Kunis voicing Meg Griffin, a role for which she is handsomely remunerated.

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The show's A-list connections mean that many episodes feature prominent guest stars. Despite its often cruel gags at the expense of celebrities, there are myriad Hollywood stars who are eager to lend their talents to the show. Here are 10 celeb cameos in Family Guy you totally missed.

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Portrait Griffin orders Peter to kill the rest of his family, so he decides to confer with a statue of a different ancestor, who orders him to kill the painting. Biel voices the show's star Brooke Roberts, with whom Brian falls in love. Sometimes love really does prevail on The Bacheloretteas we recently saw with Tayshia and Zac's engagement.

Alas, this is not the case for Brian and Brooke, as the smitten dog is left feeling rejected. Biel returned as Brooke in season 11's "Valentine's Day in Quahog" when Stewie invites all of Brian's exes over to get to the cause of his relationship issues.

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Unlike some of the other celebs on this list, Downey Jr. He played Lois's long-lost brother, Patrick. After an initially pleasant reunion, Patrick turns out to be a serial killer targeting men in Quahog and it's up to Lois to stop him from turning Peter into his next victim.

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Parsons voiced his famed character Sheldon Cooper in the season 8 episode "Business Guy. In season 11, he briefly returned to the show in the episode "Joe's Revenge" as a so-called Gay-jacker, who hijacks a plane in flamboyant style. This truly was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo. Gregory House.

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When Carter is in hospital, Dr. House is in charge of his care and wows Peter by not playing by the rulebook, a reference to the supposed genius of the fictional doctor. Additionally, Laurie made an earlier appearance on the show in season 3's "One If by Clam, Two If by sea" where he voiced a bar patron.

Bell appeared in season 16's "Petey IV" as yet another of Brian's love interests. When Brian gets a job at a suicide helpline, he falls for his co-worker, Martha voiced by Belland proceeds to act in a horribly inappropriate manner towards her. Bell is known for playing hetrong women, and Family Guy is no exception. She refuses Brian's creepy advances, prompting him to exact revenge.

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Thankfully, Martha is able to get her own back on the vindictive canine in the end. Usually voiced by the breathy, sultry Jennifer TillyBonnie disguises her voice in order to trick Joe, and viewers may be surprised to hear that the "normal" Bonnie is voiced by Portia de Rossi.

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The Oscar-winning Australian actress appeared in 2 episodes in season In "Mr. Stewie," she played Penelope, a murderous toddler who befriends Stewie, but orders him to kill Brian. Known for adopting comedy roles recently, Anne Hathaway has been praised for her comedic talents. It's no surprise, then, that she fits right in with Family Guy. She first appeared in season 8's "Go, Stewie, Go! Later that season, she voiced herself in "April in Quahog.

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The double Oscar-winner made a surprise cameo in season 15's "Hot Shots". When Peter and Lois become anti-vaxxers, Stewie runs away from home as he fears becoming ill. His journey grows increasingly perilous, but Sean Penn suddenly appears and rescues him. Penn announces that he has brought enough vaccines for the whole town, but Lois is less than impressed. But one unexpected Harry Potter star was offered the role too.

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