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Swede story bedwetting up friend for Female

I used to consider my bedwetting the most shameful secret I had to carry. There were definitely giveaways.

Female Bedwetting Stories

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I wet on average times a week.

Name: Magdaia
Years: 45
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By DrownedinpNovember 9, in Completed Stories. I don't think she always has, but recently like my brother Bryce and I, we have both seen her wearing diapers and have seen they are wet just like ours! If I still am bedwetting the bed until 15 I still got 3 years of wet beds to contend with, Bryce has 7 years to go. Now story left us about 9 months ago, mom took it real hard she told us that we are the most unlucky people female We suffer from enuresis and our own father abandoned us for a piece of ass from his secretary. All I can say is mom is totally stressed because she is still wetting her bed like Bryce and I do!

I cried called him all the bad names that I could think of, but in the end it didn't help, he was still gone. Then the realization set in our marriage had died years ago it just hadn't been declared legally dead yet!

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The kids and I aren't hurting, David did care for us financially, thanks to a great lawyer I had. The calendar said I was 19 years older but the story was like that I felt when I was Laurie was the total opposite of me, where I couldn't wait for my body to stop pissing on itself at night. The letters between Laurie and myself dwindled do from female to once a week to once a month I often wonder did she continue wetting her bed or like me did she get dry? Angela Bauer 2 posts. Sarah Penguin 4 posts. Drownedinp posts. CDfm 37 posts.

November 9, How do I put this???? My mommy wets her bed. I don't think she always has, but recently like my brother Bryce and I, we have both seen her wearing diapers and have seen they are wet just lik. November 20, The two families started to move into a bigger house. It had 8 bedrooms, Laurie and April took one room. Harold got his bedwetting room, William got his own and Melissa for their own rooms.

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July 30, A lady arrived with a blond headed girl she was very cute, beautiful even! Well at least my dad my mom was gone she committed suicide when she found out about her breast cancer. It wasn't to late or nothing like that, she couldn't picture herself bald after chemo that and being flat chested as she was at 11 years old. She took the chickens way out. There was a small chuckle on the line, April if there was somebody else asking besides you I would deny it with every fiber of my being! I met Buck he was a rodeo cowboy, hence Buck! I was honest and told him I was a bedwetter, he found that sexy and me sexy as well, we have 5 kids to prove it!

At 12 years old she had figured out that her mom enjoyed being a bedwetter again this time around there was nobody to beat her or call her names she liked it! There were female she heard her mom crying in her bedroom all alone in that bed for the story time in several years. One night she got up and went and crawled into bed with her mom bedwetting just held her while she cried. She had done it for Jessica enough one was a few years earlier. Jessica's friend Sally Crawford had found out she still wet her bed and told the whole school, well her entire 5th grade class that Jessica was still a bedwetter.

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She thought Sally was her friend, she felt more betrayed than embarrassed, she knew she had no control over her bladder while asleep. Jessica often wondered what it would be like to have a friend like her mom had, or even better like a twin sister or a sister that was her age that wet her bed as well.

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Dad's business trip had taken him less than 10 miles away, he could come home at nights if he wanted to! His new whore as mom called her, Cheryl didn't want dad to have anything to do with us little bedwetters as she referee to us as. That night she went to her mother and held her while she cried, it was a bonding moment for them.

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Her mother had never talked to her about the things her mother had done to her when she was growing up. Later in the day April received a call from Laurie, she would be in town for business and wanted to see her and meet her. April felt her heart jump for joy she was going to see her best friend from when she was younger, and her. Monday afternoon was the big day, April scrubbed the house top to bottom, everything smeled of Pinesol! Other than a few wrinkles and Laurie was now a blonde rather than a brunette they pretty much looked the same as they had some, 17 years ago when they had story seen female other!

Laurie's 12 year old daughter Jennifer and her 8 year old daughter Belinda and 5 year old Melissa bedwetting their beds, her 6 year William was the only dry Gillette. They started talking the news was even better, the business that Laurie was here for was to take over the local office for her company. Right now Jessica had a queen bed to herself, Jennifer would share that and there was a twin as well for Melissa! April asked Laurie if she didn't mind sleeping with her as that was the only bed left other than the couch is a hidabed that is as uncomfortable as hell.

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You know that's why we never stayed at my house, I figured she would of treated you as she treated me. They knew what a bitch your mom was, they wanted to save you, hell if given a chance I think they would of adopted you! I wish they had said April, I was unhappy in my story, they were better parents to me than my mother ever even dreamed of.

Your dad was great said Laurie, to bad he was pussy whipped so bad by your mom, he wouldn't of said shit to her female if he had a mouthful! They were added to the beds even though all kids wore diapers there was still leaks and mattresses needed protecting. Soon Jessica and Bryce were home and having roommates weren't a problem other than Jessica and Bryce and Jennifer and Belinda and Melissa asked their moms about what happens when Jessica and Bryce, or Jennifer, Belinda, and Melissa find out that they bedwet?

They were all so glad to find out that the others would wet their bed as well, so neither had that to worry about. Other than Bryce thought girls were yucchy, and Belinda thought the same of boys everybody got along really well.

Jessica had a crush on Harold Jr. Even Bryce and Belinda cuddled with each other at night, in daytime they were gender enemies, at night they spooned together most of the night. Each slept with a hand on each others diapers, they could feel the other wet the bed, not that it was a conscious thing. April and Laurie were no different than Bryce and Belinda, they spooned and had a hand on bedwetting others diapers.

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Unlike the others in the house, he was aware when he wet, at first. After several months that began to change he began to wake up wetting his bed and just finish the deed he had started.

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Just PM and I will send that to you. Glory Be. The Professionals.

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April and Laurie something was happening to them, neither were lesbians but they were finding themselves falling for each other. They talked about it deciding that they weren't into woman but they both felt drawn to each other, they were in love! If you could call it sex, they had touched each other's crotches through their diapers, while asleep. Bryce and Belinda were going through the same thing In a way, they had found that girls and boys weren't so bad, respectively.

They weren't ready for further things in their relationship, things like sex sounded gross to them. One of his boy friends started making fun of Belinda, telling her she was a girl and had cooties!

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He was sent to the Principal's office April had to go to school and bring him home, he was suspended for a day for fighting. He had told the Principal and mother, that if that boy had anything to say to Belinda story what he told her today he would rough him up again. April was upset at the school board, "Bryce was defending a story he saw as his sister, why wasn't the boy he beat up in trouble for making sexist remarks", she went to the school and told them she would be talking to a lawyer about this.

We were here buying diapers for Kelly, she quietly said she still pees her bed. The options were explained to the 7 kids Belinda and Bryce wanted to stay together same with Jennifer and Jessica, and Melissa wanted to be sisters. The boys Harold and William were the only ones that voted for them being the Gillettes and them being the Breems. Jessica and Jennifer wanted to stay together, Bryce and Belinda both wanted to stay together which surprised everybody. Then they realized they had been sleeping together for over 4 months, they found difficult not to sleep together now.

The two mom's decided until sex looked appealing they were safe together, that looked like maybe 4 or 5 years in the future. Her alimony was based on the amount that he was paying for the house still if he moved in his alimony went up and bedwetting still was paying for the house. They decided to sell it and with Laurie being a Realtor she could do it for them, plus get the commission. At first Melissa was fine but soon she started getting scared at night and was moved back into Jessica's and Jennifer room.

Harold loved having his own room at 15 years old he began showing s of stoppng with his wet beds. There was one night dry, then two then a week then two weeks wet again then one dry then two then five. Then he only made it two weeks, then a week then two days then he was back to being wet for 2 weeks straigh. Mom when I'm diapered I like using them for their intended use, like you I female wetting my bed.

You know one of these days your going to meet a nice young lady, she might not understand your bedwetting like we do! Like me she still wets every couple of weeks, female me she doesn't want to give up her diapers yet! He saw me hanging out my wet sheets one morning so they could dry. I was running late that day he walked me to school, soon we were on the subject. He told me that he still is a bedwetter, other than he wears diapers. My mom is an environmental nut save the planet type thing!

Harold said, "Mom I kind of agree with her, disposables really aren't disposable it takes forever for them to decompose in bedwetting landfill!

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At least your moms care enough to have you sleep comfortable I wish there were cloth and plastic pants that would fit me! I wear cloth and plastic pants to deal with mine, only my diapers smell like skunk, not our bedroom. Harold offered the explanation, "My mom and April were best friends growing up, weekends, holidays, and summers they were inseparable.