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First Time Nudist Experience

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Putting myself out there, for better or worse, and doing my best to experience what I can. A couple months ago my oldest friend Alyssa reached out wanting to hang out soon okay, word at a nudist resort wait… what?! I had honestly never entertained the idea before.

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So I've been somewhat active on this sub for awhile, and after a lot of encouragement from other members my wife and I finally booked a trip to Mexico for us and the .

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We've been tossing around the idea of family nudism for time but we're unsure of how to implement it and how to get started. Anyways, today was our first full day in Peurto Vallarta we arrived last night. The house we rented is in a first location with access to a fairly private beach and a very private pool. We finally made it to the house and got settled in about 5'oclock last night, and after a full day of traveling didn't want to spring anything on the. When we woke up this morning the sun was shining and the warm weather felt SO good. After breakfast my wife and I asked the kids if they wanted to do some swimming which they readily agreed to.

When they went to go get their suits, my wife asked if they would feel comfortable going nudist them. It was at this experience that we sat them down and explained about how we were interested in the nudist lifestyle. We talked to them about how no one should ever make them feel uncomfortable or "forced" to take their clothes off, but in the appropriate setting it could be fun. They were confused at first, but seemed to agree with the premise of the idea.

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Me and my wife told them that we would be swimming naked and that if they wanted to they could do the same, and left it at that. We both headed out the pool first, and even though we were kind of hesitant, we took off our clothes and got right in. To be honest, it felt incredible. Even at 10am it was already 80 degrees and the privacy was SO reassuring as we enjoyed the water.

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After a few minutes of watching my daughter hesitantly took off her suit and waded in as well. My son was hanging out in a lounge chair near the pool and seemed unsure of what to think. Eventually after keeping his suit in and swimming around for a few minutes took it off and threw it on the side of the pool. It was a tad awkward at first but after half an hour or so we all hardly noticed.

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We all spent the rest of the morning and afternoon lounging by the pool without a stitch on. My wife even commented on about how nice it was to be able to completely relax and tan without worrying about tan lines. I'm typing this from my laptop as my wife is cooking dinner for us, and the kids are STILL goofing around in the pool. I'm really happy that this was such a positive and wholesome experience and am SO GLAD I decided to rent this place and that my family's first time nudist experience went well.

Thanks to all the encouragement from this sub I hope to have many more such experiences and being able to enjoy the outdoors with my family.

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Does anyone else have any "first time" such stories and how it went for you? Looking forward to hearing from you all!

If there's anyone here who grew up in a nudist home and could elaborate to whether it was a positive or negative experience I would appreciate that as well! Growing up in a nudist household is dramatically different from what you're doing. I've never had a conversation about being a nudist with my kids because I never stopped going naked after they were born, and I just let them be as naked as they wanted to be their whole lives.

Anyone being naked in this house is as normal as the sun coming up in the east. It's a non-event. Thanks for the support. I'm not sure if we will ever transition to nudism in our home, it's nice to be able to do it while swimming or in the sauna. The beach is private as well so we may check it out nudist without our suits.

Great story! Glad it worked out so well. I made a point to begin practicing nudism at first when my kids were very small, so that it would be the norm in our house. This is a great approach. While my experience and I never tried to hide our bodies like when getting out of the shower it was never a purposeful experience until today.

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One thing I feel it's important for kids to understand is that being without clothing does not equal being sexual. Being without clothes is as natural as you can be, and it can enhance certain activities like swimming ect. I think I've jumped into the middle of your adventure so haven't caught how old your kids are but thanks for providing them such a healthy experience. I'd rather not reveal their ages but they are old enough were it was a ificant transition.

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I wanted them to feel like they could say "no" if they wanted to and not feel pressured into it. I feel like they had an easier time of doing it at first than my wife and I haha. It's so refreshing to read that you had such a positive experience you very first day. Hopefully you'll keep us updated on the rest of your holiday. I definetley will! We plan to hit the beach tomorrow for some more nude swimming and go from there. We are lucky enough to have a private one so it makes it MUCH easier for all of us.

My first-time nudist experience

Great the kids are of age to understand but not to old as to be uncomfortable and able to follow your guys lead. So what happens when you go home and how does nudity stay normalized? We had a pool and that helped a lot. The pool is a logical place not to wear a suit and nudity transitioned from the pool to the yard and to the house.

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We did start out with the kids before preschool age which made it easy. We were also not full time nudist but nudist of comfort and practicality, mostly summer pool and hot tub nudists. Life changed as we all became more active with friends at school and neighborhood families and kids the less nude we all became.

By middle school the kids were rarely nude, while we could still be nude at the pool without fear, if only with family.

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The kids circle of friends were certainly not nudist, excluding cousins and seeing the cousins became less frequent as they got older. So what could we have done differently to realize that nudity among the kids peers was normal and appropriate in deated settings. Having been to both La Jenny and Montalivet without kids this is the ideal environment for families. Great beach, full resort, pool, rental homes and lots of naked families. Had we taken the kids from the start we believe they would have stayed nude comfortable through their teens.

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Today, naked is mostly a mom and dad thing during empty nester periods, with nudist friends and vacations. As the kids got older and less nude we became less comfortable as well in there presence. Could summer vacations in France have changed that, we believe so.

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Swimming is a perfect way to introduce the family. Found the internet! First Time Family Nudist Experience! Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

The world of nude recreation as told by you

Very reassuring, very healthy, and very good to read. I'm glad you enjoyed it. We certainly did! Kudos to the OP and family! Better to have been nude than not nude at all.

First time family nudist experience!

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