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Erotik baby frisk men especially for girl

That got me thinking about what you guys see Frisk as gender-wise! I like to think of Frisk as either a girlish boy, a boyish girl, or both.

Frisk As A Girl

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I have seen the video and I do agree with it except rude atitude to the topic of the youtuber remember kids - being rude is not an argument. Video almost reflects my point of view on all of those gender stuff and says almost the same what I have written in comment which you apparently didn't understand, maybe because my bad english, who knows except I do not want to judge if gender is actually good or bad for us. That's not what I mean unlike that youtuber, who seems to just not like gender and expresses it. I just do not get why some people are using this unusual for me terminology and everything related to it, but it is not a problem, because here we are talking about virtual characters only: Chara and Frisk, not about real people. Apparently core of the promlem is that I didn't decry gender as you are trying to do - i'm going to be attacked by a bunch of special snowflakes. Pucok, you have just bought point of view presented in that video without making your own opinion, and now you are angry, because someone said you are wrong.

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Guys can have long hair, can be interested in guys, and you're ignoring the fact that Frisk can flirt with Undyne point the spear at hergenderless blobs, and airplanes. But ultimately, Frisk's gender really doesn't matter.

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That, or they're nonbinary, which is a fairly popular interpretation. Well he didn't say frisk and Chara are non binary because what parent would raise that? In all honesty though, Toby left Frisk intentionally ambiguous so that we can more easily project onto the character.

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They're whatever the player wants them to be. I personally see them as a girl, but other people may see them as a boy, and others see them as gender neutral.

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If you see them as a girl, they can be a girl to you. Whatever floats your boat.

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I prefer to think of them as female, but in the game they are gender neutral. Humans in the Underground. Found the internet!

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Is frisk a boy or girl? Posted by 4 years ago.

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Because Goes on a date with papyrus Does girly things like snoop in toriel s house Girl hair!!!! Sort by: best.

Gender stereotypes, don't you think? Continue this thread.

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Neither, they're determined In all honesty though, Toby left Frisk intentionally ambiguous so that we can more easily project onto the character. Where did he say that? More posts from the Undertale community.

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