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Aesthetically woman looking Gay friend for tumblr

Give away ends on August 2nd, ! I will randomly select one winner and send the code on or after the 2nd via Tumblr.

Gay Sims Tumblr

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Sorry to bother you but was the cult mod deleted? Whenever I click on the link, the site just says "Oh no! Looks like you got lost. Make your way back to the spaceship! The only working version can be found here:.

Name: Henrieta
Years: 35
Service for: Male
Eye tone: I’ve got lively gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Gender: Fem
Body type: My figure type is quite plump
What I like to listen: Country
Tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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Pride Month and my obsession with the Sims 2 inspired me to do this edit. If you want to use it as a wallpaper, you can download it for free here.

Hope you like it and have a lovely Pride! Love how these turned out, I just can't, they're so cute. There's 15 different pride flags with pink, the 5 minecraft axolotls, plus 2 extra pastel rainbow and black. Please let me know if any culture-specific flags are wrong! And if you would like a flag added:. We think about how far we've come, and show pride for who we are in a world that doesn't always look on it positively.

Can i play gay?

This year I'm celebrating it in an on-brand way, by releasing these 4 cakes with different pride flags inside. I tried to make them as versatile as possible! Here we have a multi tiered cake, I'm sure many have seen rainbow cakes before, but they're made by creating tiers with different coloured food dye for each tier and connecting it together with buttercream. This cake is topped with rainbow-coloured sprinkles.

Optional SCCO baking ingredients and any fruit ingredients food can still be cooked without. Also made by dying each layer a different colour, this cake is deed to have the typical blue, white and pink colours of the trans flag.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

While it has sprinkles on top the side has a lovely marbled effect. This cake has a luxurious raspberry and chocolate flavour.

Optional icemunmun raspberry, SCCO baking ingredients and chocolate ingredients food can still be cooked without. This cake has an edgier look, dark with glittery cake decoration all around it's been made to look like a purple and yellow galaxy in order to represent the colours of the flag. Inside it has the multi tiered effect described above, this time with the colours of the non-binary flag, each layer of sponge has a lovely spiced flavour similar to pumpkin spice or chai.

It has a dark chocolate drip effect on the outside. Optional icemunmun cinnamon, SCCO baking ingredients and any spice food can still be cooked without. Here we have a beautiful floral cake, with a gentle lavender-coloured outside, it's topped with edible flowers and blackberries. Inside, the cake has four tiers each representing a colour in the asexual flag. It's flavoured with blackberry, violet and other fruit.


When it's served it comes with a serving of the berries and flowers too. Optional blackberry, SCCO baking ingredients and any fruit food can still be cooked without.

It is always good to remember at this time those who were before us, who hid thinking they were alone in a hostile world, who fought for their rights against the norms of a society that did not understand, segregated and wanted to hide what they considered immoral. Below are some real photographs of LGBT couples throughout history, there is also this beautiful publication with letters and writings that made me cry. Here's a quick set of earrings I did for the start of Pride, I've been away visiting family so I'm a bit late to the party, I hope you enjoy anyway!


Mainly just food, drinks and dancing. A formal shirt in three colours with various pride flag themed bowties! Idk if I have a tag for my edits but here's one I guess yeefuckenhaw its pride month bitches be gay do crimes sims 4 pride.