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It allows the show to tell stories few other shows, let alone cartoons aimed primarily at children, have told. This is what makes fusion important. What makes it great is that it functions independently of whatever allegory it might be used for any given week.

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During a mission to the Sky Spire, Steven tries to convince Amethyst and Pearl to fuse together and become a giant woman. Catchy song. For 10 years of existence, BetaSeries has become your best ally for TV shows: manage your calendar, share your latest episodes watched and discover new shows — within a one million member community. Non OK, j'ai compris. Shows All shows Release calendar. Movies All movies Movie releases.

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But seriously, I've turned a lot of people onto this show, and pretty much every one of them has said the same thing: Giant Woman was the point of no return. This is a show that suffers hard from early-installment weirdness, and in my experience, it's usually Bubble Buddies that really gets them interested and Giant Woman that sealed the deal. I don't think any other early episode so perfectly encapsulates everything we've come to love about this show. Was this the case for you too? If not, when was the moment when you know this show had its claws in you and why?

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I got hooked at the first episode I saw, Lars and the Cool Kids. I was watching it with a younger relative of mine that I was babysitting, and thought it was going to be another goofy kids show, a la Spongebob. After Lars made the comment about Steven's mom being weird, I expected Steven to come back with some dumb funny joke It actually kind of shocked me, like a lot. I was surprised that it wasn't at all dumbed down, which was what I always expected from a 'kids' show.

Immediately after I saw that episode, I knew this show was something different. So I took time to look it up online, and here I am! I was also babysitting during my first encounter with the show. I was hooked from the first few eps I saw: "The Test," "On the Run" had a lot of fun trying not to sob outright when the mom stepped in for a minuteand "Lars and the Cool Kids," so I knew there was a lot to look forward to. But the first episode that made me really go wow, this show is amazing once I started going through chronologically was "Tiger Millionaire.

Not to mention the climax was, I think, the giantest point in the series that far. I'll always stick by what I've said for a while: Laser Light Cannon, episode 2. The lightning, the music, and especially the sincerity of the interactions between Steven and his Dad sold it for me. Same for me. When I watched Gem Glow, it was woman kind of a "I've got nothing better to do" decision and I didn't episode get what all the hype was about. It seemed like just an obnoxious kids show. If I'd been paying more attention, I might've had a different opinion.

It immediately sucked me in and made me realize, "okay, maybe there's more to this show than I gave it credit for.

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Same here, I'm honestly kind of surprised this isn't a more popular opinion. The relationship between Steven and his dad made it clear to me the show was going to be something special. Then Giant Woman confirmed it a few episode later. Edit: Looking through the thread it actually looks like it is a pretty popular opinion haha. That episode is especially touching because you realise how human the characters are. It's clear Greg's a fuck up, and at the time the nature of his relationship with the gems and Steven apart from beinghis father was episode unknown, but just seeing how hard he tried and the genuine love between him Steven was really well done.

From the scene where Steven puts on Greg's CD, woman is flawless. Greg's face, the way everything turns red from the giant eye in the sky I always reccomend Giant Woman as a full episode - it has everything SU excels at. It introduces Amethyst and Pearl's dynamic, Garnet's leadership, Steven's teambuilding skills. It also has an amazing song and introduces fusion - a core concept, along with a great fight scene. To be fair you need a little groundwork before Giant Woman, if only to stress the part that Fusion is a rare and powerful thing.

In LLC it shows that the CGs don't just automatically jump into Fusion when faced with a threat they can't handle, which makes Opal's appearance so majestic. Plus: Particle Beam Rose was beyond beautiful. Fell in love with her before we even really met her. It was Steven the Sword Fighter for me, that's when I finally understood what to expect of this show. I kinda overlooked Giant Woman on my first watch, it was good but didn't grab my attention.

I appreciated it a lot more after I rewatched it.

What episode got you hooked on this show, and why was it giant woman?

Up until that point I was somewhat enjoying the show, trying to decide if I liked it. Then Pearl gets poofed and I about jumped out of my chair, mouth agape.

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Some choice adult words were said. I was hooked. Same for me!

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I was enjoying the show before, but this is definitely the episode that got me hooked. This was my first episode. I'm a huge Utena fan and somewhere I saw this episode compared to an Utena duel. I thought it was a lovely coincidence until I found out this show was one of the inspirations for SU. After that I tried to find as many references as possible. S1 and 2 are the main winners.

The episode with cat fingers. It was that I realised how adult the show could be and the subtle references.

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Akira anyone? Cat Fingers for sure. I introduced three other people to the show using that episode. But I'll admit Giant Woman is one of my favorites. It was less than subtle and I only saw akira once like 15 years ago. Haha, same!

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Cat fingers got our attention, and then we started watching and my kid says, "then the plot and the feels started and we couldn't stop! I was hooked since Gem Glow because ice cream made his powers work. Now he can summon his weapon while eating ice cream.

Gem Glow hooked me too. But for me, it was Pearl just casually snapping a Centipeedles neck. That's when I knew I this show wasn't your run of the mill kids show. Found the internet! What episode got you hooked on this show, and why was it Giant Woman? Posted by Jazz hands! Sort by: best. Watching the horizon for new episodes. If you request something, I might draw it.

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Feels neutral about the new flairs. We can be strong in the real way.

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Fine, let's just get on with it, shall we? I think you're pretty great. More posts from the stevenuniverse community.

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The 1 subreddit for Steven Universe. Come and obsess over gay space rocks with us.

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