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I'm Gta up couple that drunk extream

This event activates in two different areas and it is always the same in its course. You may meet drunk people who will ask you to use their car to give them a lift to a spot, in the game world, of their choice. Get into the marked car, wait for the passengers and reach the marked point.

Gta V Drunk Couple

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Name: Celinda
How old am I: 48
Meeting with: Gentleman
I prefer to drink: Cider
What is my favourite music: My favourite music heavy metal
I like tattoo: I have tattoos

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The Altruist Cult and their obsession with cannibalism are some of the stranger parts of GTA 5, especially since it involves other random event characters. Only Trevor Philips can deliver certain random event characters to his "friends in the mountains," and this doesn't apply to every single random event character.

Still, some GTA 5 players might be wondering which random event characters they should take to the Altruist Cult.

How to start altruist cult missions

As obvious as it may sound, some GTA 5 random event characters should not be taken to the Altruist Cultas the player would permanently lose whatever feature they might offer. Of course, this means sending the least valuable people to their unwilling demise is the best solution, and players only need to send four people to trigger the Altruist Cult Shootout event. Although these are technically two different random events, they both offer the same reward.

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The next three entries will count as the mandatory four people that trigger the cult shootout, so most GTA 5 players will prefer using them. It's strange that the cult would accept him, as players would notice that his body becomes paler when he passes out and using a thermal scope via mods indicate that he's dead.

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Still, the Altruist Cult will accept him. It's much more profitable this way, making him one of the premier options to send to the cult in GTA 5.

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She is the only random event character that can be delivered to the Altruist Cult that offers no reward whatsoever. It's a paltry sum of cash, making them one of the worst random events in terms of rewards.

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The 5 best random event characters to take to the altruist cult in gta 5

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Where is the drunk couple in gta 5?

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