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I Gta seek fanfiction that loves experiment

However, I was the only person who found the hidden mission inside it

Gta V Fanfiction

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Name: Roana
My age: 24
Ethnic: I was born in Nicaragua
Zodiac sign: Leo
What is my body features: Strong

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Chapter 1: meet the family

Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 9 posts. This is a fanfiction series? He turned them in, due to his pregnant stripper friend soon to be wife. He gave up his life of crime, to become a husband and father. So just so you guys know. That's the only spoiler I'll have, the rest of it is pretty spoiler free.

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Cierra Robinson belongs to me, she is my OC and I will go into more detail about her later. Prologue: What We Lost that Day She paced around their apartment, that they shared for 2 years. Let her just live with my kid in her?! Not her! I was willing to overlook all the crap that you do behind my back! I gave you everything that I had. I could lose my job knowing some of the things I do! I was scared, I made a huge mistake that night. When I proposed to you, I started to have second thoughts!

I was going to give up a lot for you! Give up the criminal way!

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Go straight! I would take it all back if I could!

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Nice to know you got your priorities straight! Just so that we could be happy.

Chapter 1: meet the family

Take responsibility Michael, and grow up! I can change! A soft guilt rising over her. And you failed to tell me about this? I hear the movie industry is just starting there. You always spoke about producing movies. I got a job offer in Liberty City too.

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I was finally going to be a big shot detective. I figured it was the perfect plan. You have a kid to take care of now… funny, I always thought that you would end up knocking me up first.

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His eyes glued to her engagement ring, that she seemed to fail to take off. He looked at his too, and held it close to his heart. I understand, if you never want to speak to me. He looked up at her one last time, the tears finally reaching her cheeks. But lost it as he turned around and walked away. She sat on the ground and broke down, letting her tears pour over her as she sank to the ground, letting go of what little respect she had left for Michael, and letting go of the tremendous space he had in her heart.

Chapter 1: I Deserve it Michael was on his lawn chair, same spot, usual Sunday afternoon.

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His kids screaming inside, his wife pacing back and forth, screaming at both of them to stop. He sighed, his eyes look up at the sky through his sunglasses. He heard footsteps approach him from the back door, his house eerily silent. Is that you? Her business suit, made her look official, like she was about to place an arrest.

I hope you use a condom. I got a special case I got to follow.

"i still" a gta v fanfiction. update: chapter 9

De Santa is it? Just so happens, you are my job. I am in charge now, so you do as I say, and you live your life knowing that I will watch you from now on… got it? Michael groaned, laying back down in his chair, resting his hands on his stomach and letting out a sigh.

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Chapter 2: Just Breathe She looked at the clock and saw it was 5 AM. She rubbed her eyes groggily and walked to the window. San Andreas… it was just that perfect California town you hear about, by the beach, with rich people ruling the world.

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Through her time there, she became a Detective, even made the ranks to FIB. She knew that she was destined to be where she was. But she felt the unbearable guilt rise in her, as she kept many secrets from her superiors due to her relationship with Michael. Truthfully she could have turned him in when he did it, but she never could bring herself to do it.

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She was in love with him at the time… and she honestly could never even imagine her life without him that is until 22 years ago. She was raised into a bad family, and met Michael in High School when they were both Sophmores… people always thought they would stay together for life. A criminal family, where she vowed to always do the right thing. But by dating Michael, by being in love with him… it took at toll on her. She looked closer and noticed Michael, sitting in his underwear, watching TV. She looked at the ring at the end of it, it was gold, and had a tiny diamond on the end of it.

It was the only thing from her past that she kept.