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High liked school men that wrestlers shirtless

or Register to post a comment. Wrestling team poster generates heat on social media. A high school wrestling team has enflamed the passions of some Facebook users … and it's not for their performance on the mat, but for posing for a promotional poster some consider to be inappropriate.

High School Wrestlers Shirtless

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Editor's Note: The Facebook post referenced in this article was subsequently deleted.

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What high school wrestling was like 80 years ago. Imagine stepping into a time machine and traveling back to to a high school wrestling event.

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Today's wrestlers, coaches and fans may be startled at how different prep wrestling was 80 years ago, compared to what we see nowadays. While we don't have access to time travel, InterMat can provide an idea of what high school wrestling was like in one high school in Minnesota eight decades ago.

In the December issue of The Guillotine -- the monthly publication that covers amateur wrestling in the state of Minnesota -- long-time "View from the Matbird Seat" columnist Bruce Bartels shared information from documents he recently discovered for the first season of wrestling at Osakis High School in Osakis, Minn.

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A handout for a wrestling event at Osakis featured this startling request: "In all fairness to the contestants, the audience is asked to refrain from cheering any of the boys during the bout. For starters, championship bouts were ten minutes, while all others lasted six As for pins The referee?

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Or the poor kid who's in the pinning predicament? As in college wrestling at the time, there was no system for awarding points for escapes or takedowns or other specific action. According to the Okasis wrestling event program, "If no fall takes place, the wrestler showing the greater wrestling ability will be awarded the match by a decision of the referee.

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Among the legal holds: half Nelson and crotch, three-quarter Nelson, hammer lock, double-arm lock, hook scissors, and grapevine and underarm. Illegal holds included the twisting hammer lock, over scissors, full Nelson, strangle hold, and body slams.

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The Perry Oklahoma High School wrestling team, pictured here, wore uniforms like those worn by the Osakis Minnesota High School wrestling team team 80 years ago.