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Hay lady picking guy Homemade wagon

This trailer can be moved by hand when empty which makes hooking up to your tractor, pick-up, anything, extremely quick and easy. Hay feeder wagons have been popular in the colder climates for many years because you get more hay to your cattle in less trips. Some of those saved trips would have been made in extreme cold, wind and sleet so both human and animal benefit but cost has been a problem.

Homemade Hay Wagon

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Please use the al links on your left to explore our website. I need to get me some wagons,but they run em up at the sales but i got an old chevy motor home with 1 ton chassis under it and i have thought about ripping off the body and makn a wagon out of it i would think it would work good.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Hay wagons; let's see them! Oct 16, 1. DMF Platinum Member.

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My partner has a similar set-up and the body on his is approx. I can copy his pretty much, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any plans available that would be helpful. So let's hear what you've used materials, sizes, etc. Oct 16, 2.

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GBeck Silver Member. ed Jul 15, Messages Tractor Kubota. Oct 16, 3.

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My hay wagon is an old David Bradley sold by Sears and Roebuck Oct 16, 4. Me too!

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A wagon is going to be one of my winter projects and I need ideas as well. Please, some of you "haves" share with the "have nots"!!! Oct 16, 5. Renze Elite Member. Oct 16, 6. Chances R Bronze Member. ed Dec 20, Messages Not much to look at. I bought this water mellon wagon a few years ago. It works great for a hay wagon, and I use it for our wagon backing competition. I would like to get one that has hoist next time. Oct 17, Thread Starter 7. This isn't the greates picture, but this is my partner's wagon. We can put small bales on it comfortably but we've gone as much as The barn where we store the hay requires that the wagon be backed in, slightly uphill, with a drop off about 5' to the right of the driveway leading in!

What we do is unhook the wagon once we get there and hay using a hitch on the front of the tractor and then "push" the wagon in. Backing up a 4-wheel wagon is not all that easy; hitching it to the front of the tractor allows for quicker corrections. The problem when we go more than Homemade is the weight; trying to push the wagon uphill and into the barn is tough enough; going an extra 20 bales to get tends to be the point where the wagon sometimes pushes the tractor!

I gave the dimensions for this wagon in my first post. It has two 4x7 Ash beams that run front to back.

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Perpendicular to that are Ash 4x4's spaced 2' on center. The deck is made with 1" thick Ash boards. The front and rear racks are also Ash for the most part.

Build the frame

The front and rear racks are where I plan to make some improvements; his are pretty beat up. They are somewhat flimsy and we've cracked an upright more than once. I may go with steel for my racks, but I'd like them removable so during pumpkin season I could put some shorter sideboards on like Chances R's melon wagon. JPG Oct 17, 8.

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DMF, I can relate to your pain of handling "small" square bales of hay. First thing I'd do is get that poor fellow who's "bucking" those bales up onto that wagon a pop-up loader. Usually found around here at auctions for pennies on the dollar. Believe me, they're worth their weight in gold to a hand who's over forty and no longer can or want to keep up with those young, flat bellied, kids who we once were.

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That is provided you can find one who's willing to haul or load a bale of hay nowadays! Anyway, I'm rambling. I haul mine on 16' utility trailers so I may be talking out of turn here but I like your idea of staying with a wagon. I know what you're saying about backing a wagon, it's not the easiest thing to do.

We have one similar to what you described but it's converted to a "covered wagon" now with seat, bows, a sheet and two good sized mules to pull it. Like I said our running gear is similar in size and build but your friends is built more for hauling some serious weight. Copying his might work unless you want to replace the wood with some heavy walled box or rectangular tubing or channel iron.

Install the bed next

We actually were able to retrofit our with rear disc brakes with a small ball valve in line by the seat to lock the brakes while parking. Bear in mind they aren't vacuum assist!? Kind of like the not-so-old days! I know this doesn't seem too informative but some sort of brake or chock might alleviate the wagon from pushing the tractor back while parking it in the barn. Oct 19, 9. Mike Gold Member. It's not very pretty but it picks them up and stacks them Oct 19, I don't have any pics of hay wagons, but I have a few tips for useful features. The three hay wagons my father had were built by himself and his father in the year We used these wagons until when they were sold at auction.

Building a tongue bracket first

I don't recall the auction price, but I do know it was quite high, especially for year old wagons. Our wagons were built on Electric brand running gear Electric Wheel Company, Quincy, ILLwhich were always my favorite for ease of maintenance and ease of use while hitching and unhitching - versus Gehl or John Deer running gear which I disliked. The two reason why these wagons and all my father's equipment lasted for 40 years is because 1. No exposure to the weather -- we parked the wagons in the barn at the end of every day and never left them in the field.

Regular maintenance -- my father would meticulously service each piece of equipment before using it. Lubrication, bolt tightening, parts replaced, etc.

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So, I got to work with many different types and des of hay wagons. I always liked my father's wagons best. Made of Wood.

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