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How diaper put back get flirts

By FattymattyJanuary 5, in Completed Stories.

How To Get Put Back In Diapers

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Tried to get put back in diapers? ChristianDiaperLover Est. Anyway has there ever been a moment in your life where you tried to get put back in diapers? I tried multiple times when I was young. I tried wetting the bed to sometimes simply asking to wear diapers. All failed but was always worth the shot for me.

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I have to admit that I wet the bed more often then usual so I could justified to my wife that i should be wearing diapers at night before I started wearing them everynight. Seth17 Est. Messages 53 Role Diaper Lover. Click to expand Seth17 said:. Did that work? Peesalot I love wearing lingerie Est. Somewhat similar to chamberpot; but, slightly different. We had purchased a winter home in SC and had just moved in.

We had new furniture including new beds and bedding.

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We had ordered a mattress protector but it hadn't yet arrived. One night I woke up while wetting the bed.

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It was maybe the first time in 15 years that had happened. Fortunately I was able to stop the flow and finish in the bathroom.

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I hadn't peed in bed enough to damage anything. But, after we got out of bed in the morning I simply announced to my wife I would be wearing diapers to bed from then on as I didn't want to risk another bed wetting that might damage the new bedding and linens. She thought it was a good idea knowing incontinence was a possible result from my radical prostatectomy 10 years earlier.

About two weeks later I faked a stress incontinence episode during the daytime such that it showed thru my pants.

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I told her maybe I should wear all the time. Yes, part truth and part deception. But, I wear all the time now and am as happy as I can be in my diapers.

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MandyBear Est. Messages 1, Role Little Incontinent Carer. Peesalot said:. Somewhat similar to chamberpot; About two weeks later I faked a stress incontinence episode during the daytime such that it showed thru my pants. PurplePup89 Est. When I was very young - maybe somewhere around 3 or 4 - I desperately wanted to go back into diapers and I managed to convince my grandma to buy me some. I don't believe I used any trickery, I think I just asked and she obliged since she was renowned for spoiling me.

I really don't know, my memory of the event is hazy, I only remember getting them, being very happy putting them on again and using them I think it only happened once, because I'm guessing my mom put a stop to it as soon as she found out. Some people online have suggested that I feign incontinence as means of justifying wearing diapers around my friends and family, but I draw a hard line at that. I believe very strongly in honesty, and doing something like that is just deceptive, if not manipulative. MandyBear said:. Messages Role Private.

Life is not black and white.

Those among us have a deeply seated desire to wear diapers which usually includes an extreme desire for acceptance and it is only then that they might feel "whole". For some, this desire must be constantly suppressed, hidden and closeted so as to conform to societal norms and to prevent defamation of character due to lack of understanding by the general public. When one uses deception in order to be truthful to the "self" by wearing, I think I can say I understand where they are coming from only because I understand the feeling of being "whole" when wearing diapers.

No doubt being deceptive is dysfunctional by nature, however it is yet another side effect of the dysfunctional world we live in and everybody copes in different ways.

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Outside of this forum, being incontinent is generally the only socially acceptable form by which the public will accept someone in diapers without the attachment of negative labels, including being a pedophile or otherwise criminal. No matter how much ABDL research is now available even in for consumption by the general public, there will always be untrained people that haven't read it and their first knee jerk reaction to the idea of wearing diapers for anything other than incontinence is judged as equivalent to being a pedophile.

While this couldn't be further than the truth, this is the conclusion many wives have jumped to when their husbands attempt to explain a secret part of who they are. If we swap "interest in wearing diapers" for being "secretly gay", would we judge the use of deception as harshly in instances allowing the person in question gaining the feeling of being "whole", even for short periods of time, when dealing with environments where being truthful could spell loss of employment, defamation of character, loss of spouse, being ostracized, etc.?

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Last edited: Sep 20, CookieMonstah Est. NinjaPizza Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover. I vaguely remember, probably being age five or six, asking mom if I could wear a diaper. She obliged, probably just thinking I was playing around, but I don't think she let me wear for any length of time. I guess my hunger to wear began very early, though it didn't mean to me then what it does today. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover Diaperfur.

No one is born liking diapers. I wet the bed waayyyyyy more than I should have.

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That continued for years. I beg to differ on that one.

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I've always had a thing for diapers back to my earliest memory, and even before any of my own memories my parents tell me I was fascinated by things like crinkly plastic bags. And I'm not the only one on the forum who's like that. It's still a part of people's sexuality though, something that should be kept private, but also something that should be accepted by a spouse they don't have to participate and most definitely shouldn't be shamed by other people.

Put back in diapers full time story

PCS Est. Messages 2, Role Private. Electrically Contributor. Messages Role Adult Baby.

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For like the umpteenth time. Sexuality is something you are born with.