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How To Play Artificial Academy

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Artificial Academy [ edit ]. Technical Help. At night time, the save and load buttons appear beside the exit buttons. Any unsaved progress will be lost on quitting the game.

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Artificial Academy 2 [ edit ]. Every mandatory prompt you get over the course of the day homeroom lesson, sports class and club time count as you working by yourself, so the mitigating effects of "Everyone!

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These prompts can offer three different successes and failures, indicated by flavor texts and chimes:. As stated above, the three choice prompt influences your Intelligence and Strength. Both those stats range from 0 to in the code. With one exception, all situations causing the prompt to appear will fall in one of two : Study and Exercise. Either of those can be simply accessed by visiting the Running tracks for Exercise or the Library for Study.

Artificial academy 2 guide

The multipurpose club type, which is performed in the multipurpose room, has a slightly different logic. Assuming the estimate split mentioned above, choosing Work Hard! However, choosing Work Normally! Once you've reached the maximum of points in both, it might be wise to switch to the Club, as it makes keeping the balance easier.

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Having an Exercise based club will further imbalance your stats, keeping Strength at but lowering Wisdom to at least Working with a partner or in a group completely removes the possibility for a less favorable result when working hard. As a result, it is safe to always pick Work Hard!

Sumikko gurashi: atsumare! sumikko town

This obviously does not apply to lessons and mandatory club time. Similar to study and practice, there are four you can get from your exams which increases or decreases your grade.

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Strength and Intelligence are crucial to exams, but the test are also affected by randomness. This can be checked by the messages during the test.

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You won't get top grade under negative effect such as "you couldn't solve The same goes for NPCs; high intelligent students can also get poorer grades. If you're not satisfied with the result, loading pretest savegame can be a valid choice. Jump to:search.

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