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Aesthetically How spank guy for phish

We were in bed, still in those heady, lust-filled days of a new relationship. I really liked her, suspected that I might even love her, which meant I had to tell her the truth about myself. She sat up to listen, and I trailed my fingers over her thigh, eyes down, nervous as a teenager.

How To Spank My Girlfriend

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But if your desire to leave a handprint and grab her backside keeps growing, you may be interested in a whole new level: erotic spanking. What is that?

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Lol sadistic? Learn vocabulary before you try to use it.

How do i spank my girlfriend?

She is probably a masochist. They enjoy pain. But this is also a dominance act. Which dominance tends to turn on most women. Its really a matter of if they are comfor. My girlfriend asked me to discipline her with spankings, we set some rules and if she violates any of them I will have to spank her. However when the time comes that she actually needs a spanking I'm not sure how to go about it.

What position do I use? Do I use a paddle or my hand or both? Do I do it bare or over clothing?

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How many swats do I give her or how long should the spanking last? How red and sore should her bum be when I'm done? I asked her what she wanted and she said it is all up too me, so what should I do?

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Share Facebook. How do I spank my girlfriend? Add Opinion. Completely naked, including socks, this makes her more submissive to you.

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Over your lap and start out lightly, gradually getting harder. Do it all over, concentrating on the bottom half of the cheeks and upper thighs. Be sure to lecture her about her bad behavior while spanking.

Here‘s literally everything you ever wanted to know about spanking

Remember, you're teaching her to be good and obey your rules! Bright red and light bruises are fine as it fades quickly. Once she gets used to the discipline, you can go much longer and ignore her tears, driving your point across so she learns her lesson!

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Comfort her afterwards, but don't let her rub her butt, she needs to feel the pain. In the future, spank enough so it hurts to sit the next day. An added punishment is to not allow clothing for the rest of the day. This will add to the humiliation and make her think about what she did wrong.

A very useful guide to sexy spanking

Afterwards, I always get on my knees and give by boyfriend a superb blowjob as an apology for not obeying. Now get to making those rules! You got a very special gift from her, and you will love being in control! From a well spanked, well behaved 50 yr old female :.

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Bend her over, palm wide, spread your fingers and m choose one cheek. Keihsu Xper 3. One at a time, with your hand, over clothes until you find her threshold - afterword the same process bare until you find that threshold. Then you will know how much torque you can put in your swing to not harm her but fulfill her request.

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You would be surprised at the pain tolerance of some folks. If you get to a point where nothing short of a closed fist punch to the butt is working she would probably suggest you upgrade to something else. Good luck. Dont ask her. It destroys the dominance thing. Start out light and every time it happens try a few more or a bit harder. Then pay attention to how she reacts. Hand is fine. I sugest you sit in a chair and have her bent over you on your lap.

Dont taker clothes off. Just pull her pants and underwear down enough to exspose her ass. Leaving clothes on. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Do girls like to be spanked? And guys, how you feel when you spank your girlfriend?

My girlfriend wants me to spank her. should i feel guilty?

Would you spank your girlfriend if she misbehaved? How to spank my girlfriend?

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Can Boyfriends Spank Their Girlfriends? Sort Girls First Guys First. It's all in the wrist. Xper 6.

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