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Walkthrough liked studio female who Huniecam bangs

in with Steam or Xbox to track your progress, and:. You'll get this pretty much as soon as you start; put your first girl in the cam building and it'll pop. Do this at the same time as Brand Loyalty i.

Huniecam Studio Walkthrough

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Disclosure: I have no financial ties to this review. The goal of the game is quite simple: generate as many fans as possible in the limited amount of time given, without going bankrupt in the process. Generating money is essential to both upgrading your abilities and paying the fees for employing the cam girls.

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Hints and Tips for: HunieCam Studio. HunieCam Studio Cheats.

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Easy "Brand Loyalty" achievement: Go to the model agency and hire the eight HuniePop characters. You may not need to do this within the first 21 days. Note: The last two cannot be cured.

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Easy "Diversity Day" achievement: You will be able to hire new cam girls as you progress. Each cam girl has a race white, black, Latin, or Asian.

Huniecam studio walkthrough

You must do a cam show with each race simultaneously. This requires a house capacity of four.

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You must upgrade "Capacity" in the "Investment" section twice times to get four spaces in each house. Then, pull a girl from each race into the cam show house. Black: Zoey, Lola, or Renee.

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Latin: Kyanna, Marlena, or Nora. Asian: Lailani, Aiko, or Beli. Easy "Gold Gearshift" achievement: Earn a gold trophy within a 21 day playthrough while ignoring the "escorting" jobs.

Huniecam studio walkthrough

The gold trophy require 25, subscribers at the end of Day This will result in a lower income, and make condoms useless. This lower income will also force you to do more cam jobs to earn the required money to purchase "Promos" and also requires you to have a high amount of followers to get the gold trophy.

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To do this, use the "Subscribe Pillow" and "Piggy Bank". Easy "Guilty Pleasures" achievement: This requires collecting and multiple playthroughs.

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Complete a 21 day playthrough to get gold coins as a reward. The amount varies on the quality of your playthrough.

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Select the "Wardrobe" button at the main menu. Select a girl and unlock every hairstyle and outfit for her. You will most likely get up to eight coins in your first playthrough.

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You may need at least two 21 day runs to unlock all ten styles. Easy "Shill King" achievement: Pay for eight in the "Promo" section in one day. You will start with a selection of three promos per day. In order to purchase eight in one day, upgrade your "Advertising" in the "Invest" section five times. This will give you eight per day.

Mid and late game

Additionally, the have prices that vary on how far you have progressed. Submit your codes! Having Codes, cheat, hints, tips, trainer or tricks we dont have yet? Help out other players on the PC by adding a cheat or secret that you know! Submit them through our form. Covering more than CheatBook-DataBase Cheatbook on: Twitter Facebook.