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I didn't think there would be a debate about this, tbh.

Is Chara A Boy Or Girl

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When you get to Asgore's house in New Home, and Flowey beings to speak of the time after they became a flower and ran away to the Ruins. When they say:.

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Flowey always says "Her" in all streams and even my own playthrough of Genocide, no matter what name you chose. I also still really don't think gender neutruel pronouns directly refers to non-binary individuals, since it also could simply mean the other characters don't actually know Frisk's gender.

The fact that such terms are used doesn't actually point them towards being non-binary much at all.

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Also regarding the chell example, I think no one tries to argue against her being female because that's simply not one of her ambigous traits-no one's going to argue against Frisk beingfor example. Which is obviously a different scenario since they're talking about people they actually know in that case.

Though even if they did SOMEHOW percieve Frisk as non-binary just by seeing them, they're the same people who think wearing a striped shirt indicates youth.

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Undertale Wiki. In Don't have an ? Start a Wiki. Even if it's a small amount of proof, it's still proof nonetheless.

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