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In his first major foray back into the media since the finale of Seinfeld, he co-wrote and co-produced the film Bee Movie, also taking on the lead role of Barry B.

Jerry Seinfeld Naked

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George is angered when an old acquaintance withholds a Step-mandated apology; Jerry's girlfriend is too comfortable with her nudity; Elaine works with a germaphobe. Melissa : Would you look at that? Jerry Seinfeld : I can't, I can't look anymore, I've seen too much. In. Director Andy Ackerman. Top credits Director Andy Ackerman.

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It's because when you have clothes on, you can always kinda make those little adjustments that people like to do You feel like you're getting it together. Yeah, yeah, pretty good.

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Feeling good, looking good. But when you're naked, it's like it's so final. You're just, "Well, that's it. There's nothing else I can do. Cause I feel it gives me something.

The apology

I know I'm naked, but you know I'd like to get pockets to hang off of the belt that would be Wouldn't that be the ultimate? To be naked and still be able to do this I think that would really help a lot. Quote from The Puffy Shirt. Bryant Gumbel: Look, I'm sorry, it is just a very unusual shirt. It could be, kind of, a whole new look for you. You could put a patch over an eye.

You could be the pirate comedian. Jerry: Yeah. Bryant Gumbel: Will you wear the puffy shirt at the.?

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Jerry: Look, it's not my shirt. Bryant Gumbel: Whose shirt is it? Jerry: What's the difference? I agreed to wear it.

It's a puffy shirt. I feel ridiculous in it. I think it's the stupidest shirt I've ever seen, to be perfectly honest with you. Leslie: [o. Bryant Gumbel: Did you hear that? Jerry: That I heard. Quote from The Yada Yada. Tim Whatley: Father Curtis told me about your little joke. Jerry: What about all your Jewish jokes? Tim Whatley: I'm Jewish. You're not a dentist. You have no idea what my people have been through.

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Jerry: The Jews? Tim Whatley: No, the dentists.

Seinfeld quote

You know, we have the highest suicide rate of any profession? Jerry: Is that why it's so hard to get an appointment? Male Voice: [on the phone] Hi, would you be interested in switching over to TMI long distance service.

Jerry: Oh, gee, I can't talk right now.

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Why don't you give me your home and I'll call you later. Male Voice: Uh, I'm sorry we're not allowed to do that. Jerry: Oh, I guess you don't want people calling you at home. Male Voice: No. Jerry: Well, now you know how I feel. Quote from George.

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Jerry: A mental institution? Kramer: You know what they do in there? Did you see Cuckoo's Nest? They put those electrodes in your head. George: It's not really a mental institution.

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It's more like a depression clinic. She went out to Woodhaven and checked herself in. I'm- I'm sick over this. Elaine: Who told you this? George: Her roommate. I've driven women to lesbianism before but never to a mental institution. Quote from Kramer. Jerry: What was I supposed to do? You knew I was on my first date with Elaine. You come barging in here asking me to contribute money for a volcano relief fund for Krakatoa.

Kramer: It was supposed to erupt. Jerry: I find the whole thing very embarrassing. Kramer: Well, you know what my feelings are about this. I don't even pay taxes.

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Jerry: Yeah, that's easy when you have no income. Quote from Jerry. Jerry: if this audit had happened to me and I didn't have this woman to help me, I would have killed this man. I would have strangled the life out of him with my bare hands. Elaine: I don't blame you.

Jerry: Have you ever been through an audit? Elaine: No. Jerry: It's hell. It's the financial equivalent of a complete rectal examination. I would have killed this man.

Jerry seinfeld

Torn him limb from limb, ripped the flesh right off his bones TV Quotes. Whole Site. Correct this quote. View more Jerry Quotes. Quote from Kramer Jerry: What was I supposed to do? Quote from Jerry Jerry: if this audit had happened to me and I didn't have this woman to help me, I would have killed this man. Jerry Seinfeld Quotes. This site sets cookies with your browser. Accept Accept Cookies Privacy.