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I'd uncut Kodomo guy jikan like hangouts

A series of OVA episodes released with the limited edition manga volumes. Eventually Kokonoe decides to make one and they all end up spending the night at her house.

Kodomo No Jikan Uncut

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Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Live With You! Game Reviews Columns incl. Anime News Nina! Industry Comments. or Register forgot it? Forum - View topic. I started watching it a while ago, and was weirded out. I picked it up again yesterday, and it's clicked. It goes without saying that watching 3rd graders give fellatio to a finger or a calligraphy brush and lifting up their skirts makes one feel uncomfortable, but what I like about the series is the chemistry between Rin and Aoki and the underlying darkness; in other words, what's possibly happened before Aoki-sensei showed up.

I watched the first uncensored ep, but decided, I can live with the censored version.

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When I learned some of what goes down in the Manga, I decided I was better off. ed: 12 Jan Posts: You might need to reset you expectations. If the more graphic scenes disturb you then definitely stick with the censored version. ed: 08 Jan Posts: Hmm, I was wondering how long it was going to take someone to post about KnJ, especially since the new R1? But I hear where you're coming from.

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And, i'm really hoping this thread doesn't get locked. KnJ just happens to be flame-bait dang near anywhere. Especially from those who haven't actually seen the series, but know about it by it's reputation. No, though I know it's going to upset the aforementioned folks above, not for the visual censoring-that isn't really relevant-if you've seen it.

Nope, I like the censored version for the audio. There is one moment in particular that still cracks me up as much as any anime A moment when the scene cuts to Kuro, and next thing you see is her cussing up a storm, and you hear "chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp Even though the plotline is ecchi no doubtthe underlying story is actually very touching.

That's "touching" in the figurative sense. Not the defense itself, but having to defend it at all. I have no problem with it. Shows like this, Moetan, Popotan, you folks will hate me for including this one Potemayo, or even Ladies Vs. Butlers are all on my "seen all"s.

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At least now you know where i'm from, at least partially, viewing-wise. One last thing, if you thought I was about to add Hanamaru Kindergarden to the defense list, well, I saw it, I liked it, but it's not "just like" Kodomo no Jikan.

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Just my opinion. Any topic of KnJ is guaranteed to be flame bait, people seem to hate it just because of it'e questionable theme. Yes I prefer having it censored aswell, the cute sound effects used to cover bad language was funny, and we don't really need to see any of the graphic scenes.

My favourite character from the series would probably be the strict teacher Shirai Sensei, probably because she highlights my favourite theme of the series, which is of being alone.

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And it is this side that most do not see of the series, the series itself actually points out that there is a jikan of what hapends is not right, and probably puts forward subjects that most other media would be too afraid to bring up.

Lots of the characters have a web of problems conected to them. She died leaving Rin also with intimacey issues, who tries to act out for it. Usa is a very pure girl, but hears lots of people basicly tell her that her body Kodomo uncut, and thus feels insecure. She is also close to her father, but has not seen him in some time, and her mother favors her younger brother, and feels very lonely and gets a crush on Reiji. Kagami rarely gets any time with her mother as she is usually working, and though she is knows that she is not suposed to, she gets a crush on Rin.

ed: 15 Nov Posts: No, Hanamaru is nothing at all like Kodomo. It's just a sickeningly cute show with toddlers being toddlers. It's like the Japapanese Rugrats. DragonsRevenge wrote: No, Hanamaru is nothing at all like Kodomo. DuskyPredator wrote: should I go any further. ed: 23 Jul Posts: Location: Philly. Finished it. This show probably had one of the better set of le I've seen in some time.

Kodomo no jikan uncensored

I'll start the OVA soon. I just watched the first ep of that one today, and well On the other hand, it seems to be more of the same. I've been listening to Hanamaru Sensation exclusively since yesterday afternoon. No exaggeration. I was wrong.

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ed: 14 Sep Posts: You should be pretty right sticking to the censored version, even the uncensored version isnt TO bad, I've seen the same if not worse in other echii shows, just not quite so concentrated. But yeah, avoid the manga.

Its the same old thing up until about volume 7 or so, but then its starts getting a little off, like demonstrating why parents should have parental lockout on their PC's. Dragons Revenge.

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Right from the start of both. Both are completely full of energy, and perfect to listen to when you're just having trouble getting up in the morning. Double thumbs up!

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Yeah the songs are pretty addicting, probably only problem is that my brother is aware what series they are from, still I have been known to hum them all of a sudden when I get the tune. Actually just got the urge to listen them after hearing it mentioned so I did so.

About the show

I didn't mean to say that Hanamaru Kindergarten was just like Kodomo no Jikan, actually when I watched it I noted that it is quite the nice fluffy series. ed: 06 Oct Posts: Definitely on my personal top ten. I'm currently collecting it on DVD.

Watashiya's characters are just soo cute. Their personalities are just so clever as well Usa Mimi and her timidly overgrown little self makes me giggle. It's just a guilty pleasure of mine I don't let my otaku friends in on. I might get some strange looks, even from their weird asses lol. Yes, I'll have to agree that Hanamaru Sensation is quite the infectious theme song. Sadly, the other KnJ songs aren't as infectious as the ones from the first show.