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Life Is Strange Chloe And Max Kiss

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With Life is Strange: Before the Storm coming out later this week, I wanted to dive into my thoughts on the queerness featured in its predecessor. Warning: spoilers ahead. I came to Life is Strange later than most, so I heard a lot about it prior to playing myself.

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Players were worried that Life Is Strange might not stick the landing from the moment it started flapping its chaos-theory butterfly wings. Science fiction stories love to show off some cool concept and then tell you that cool thing was really bad and no one should ever do it. Cloning dinosaurs?

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Bad idea. Alien contact? Time travel?

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Even worse than both of those ideas combined. Well, we were right to worry.

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Though there was a lot to love about the fifth and final episode of Life Is Strange, in its closing moments it all went wrong in a predictable way. Since day one our Life Is Strange bingo cards had 'go back in time and let Chloe die' on them, but the developers at Dontnod used the episodic structure of their game to mess with our expectations enough, through shocking twists and powerful cliffhangers, that doing the obvious boring thing seemed less and less likely.

Fans also predicted that someone would namedrop the title of the game at some point and on two occasions in Polarized they almost do.

Life is strange: max and chloe kiss!!

The choices are simplistic. Here it was just you and a choice between two different hamburgers.

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One ending feels slight. Who lives and dies in this timeline?

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Neither ending ties up the mystery of how Max got her powers, or why using those powers caused a natural disaster. The only ending that takes the depiction of their relationship from coy to literal is the one that dooms her, which plays into the disturbingly common trope of homosexual characters being killed off in fiction.

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The trope lets a straight audience feel sad about the tragic lives of gays without any of the troubling consequences of them achieving a happy ending that might be seen as a reward for being 'deviant'. The message that using your powers to change the world is wrong is a troubling one.

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Spider-Man learns that with great power comes great responsibility; the X-Men decide to protect a world that hates and fears them. Max learns that sometimes a teenage girl needs to die to prevent climate change or something, and the world would be better off if she literally curled up in a ball and did nothing.

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Even though I was angry enough about the ending to write a whole piece about it and then have enough crankiness left over to argue in the comments, when I think back on Life Is Strange the ending is not the only thing I remember. I think about how much fun it was playing at Scooby-Doo while sneaking into the high school at night, how connected I felt to the characters as they grew from slangy stereotypes into real people, and how heart-wrenching it was tumbling into an alternate timeline where changing the past twisted the present into something unrecognisable.

Chloe and max kiss :heart_eyes: :heart:

Even episode five has a lot going for it if you ignore its closing minutes. The ly dickish spoilt bully Nathan Prescott left a voic that was surprisingly touching. Life is Strange is far from the first videogame to have a disappointing ending.

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The original ending of Fallout 3 was so rough that an entire DLC add-on was created to rewrite it, four years before Mass Effect 3 did something similar. We can choose which memories are the ones we care about preserving and, like with photographs, build our albums out of the moments that mattered to us.

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