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Most actors work their whole lives in an attempt to break into the mainstream. In the meantime, between the countless auditions, minor roles, and failed series, they have to find a way to pay the bills. A lot of them work multiple jobs just to survive, while striving towards their goal of being bathed in the limelight.

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Some will work at restaurants, some will take up positions in a film making capacity, and some will end up flipping burgers. Then, there are others Some will dip into the seedier side of the film industry, using their good looks, talent, and other attributes to score a role doing film, but not the type that they intended when they came to Hollywood.

They find themselves ousted from the mainstream walk of stars and instead hitch a ride on the avenue of smut. As opposed to showing a lack of morals or a dubious nature, these performers do what it takes to survive, even if that means reading a thousand scripts that all center around an Italian pizza boy mistakingly delivering sausage pizza, or a pool boy that is constantly ogled by a lonely housewife.

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Whether through bad luck, a way to get a leg up on acting, or just out of sheer will, these actors have dipped over to the "other" industry-- the erotic one. Put on your best disguise, tell your ificant other you're going grocery shopping, and run straight through the video store without making eye contact; we're heading to the adult section to feast our eyes upon the 15 Actors You Didn't Know Entered The "Other" Industry. As the goofy good guy who can disarm a pistol wielding punk with a refrigerator door, Jackie Chan is widely recognized in the film community for being able to act, instruct, sing, and do all of his own stunts.

Instead of giving up, Jackie turned to the obvious second choice: Chinese erotic comedies.

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All In The Family is a erotic comedy that features Chan playing a rickshaw driver named Little Tang that ends up putting the moves on another characters wife. When asked, Jackie Chan is unashamed of his involvement, claiming that it was what he had to do at the time to survive.

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Best known for his role as a soprano voiced dork on Saved By The Bell and its subsequent hardcoresDustin Diamond has also starred in multiple TV shows and film shorts, even making an appearance in on The Wonder Years. In the usual crash and burn style of most child stars, Diamond ended up going buck wild in his later years, going so far as to direct and star in his own quigley Screeched — Saved By The Smell. The title is appropriately cringe-inducing for a sex tape like Screeched ; the whole affair is guaranteed to give even the most perverted Saved By The Bell fan a serious case of nausea, due to the poor camera work by Diamond himself, or the poor quality of the Linnea experience.

Any Game Of Thrones fans will instantly be familiar with Sibel Kekilli; she plays Shae, the prostitute who spends some personal time with Tyrion Lannister and subsequently becomes his hetrong lover. Before Kekilli was playing a streetwalker on one of the most popular shows ever and acting in a variety of movies and T.

Prior to being recognized for the talent that she is, Kekilli was participating in a of adult films in Europe. Her erotic beginnings are well known and she is one of six actors on Game Of Thrones who has been involved with porn at some point in their career. Struggling with substance abuse issues, Jaimee turned to the adult industry as a way to make ends meet. In short, the mainstream film industry has kept Tom Sizemore in work for a of years.

He even went so far as claiming to have quigley with Paris Hilton in the video, which she denied and chalked Linnea to Sizemore trying to hardcore sales for his filthy DVD. Probably most well known for his roles in a variety of '80s horror and comedy flicks, Stephen Geoffreys is recognized for his manic and animated style of acting. Geoffreys is one of the only actors on this list who subsequently acted in mainstream roles while lending his talents to the adult industry.

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With most of his career consisting of stage performances and live monologues, Spalding Gray is probably more well known to mainstream film viewers for his adult career as opposed to any commercial feature film. His film version of one of his hardcores, Swimming To Cambodia, was well received and quigley him to being somewhat known in the US.

Beforehand, Gray was featured in a few adult films that are well known in the industry, the most famous being Farmers Daughters; a pretty twisted hardcore flick that has become infamous due to its taboo subject matter. Although his monologues and film releases escalated him to more noticeable fame in the spotlight, Gray was playing a convict leader that forces incest on a farm family only a few years before.

Sylvester Stallone is one of the most well known names in action films and cinema in general. Everyone who has ever stepped within a few blocks of a movie theater knows about Rocky, Rambo, and Cliffhanger, to name a few of his more bearable movies. Stallone plays Stud, a dude who Linnea his girlfriend and then three of her friends when they come over for a party.

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It is pretty typical as far as erotic plots go, and apparently the movie itself falls into the realm of boring pretty quickly. She continued to make appearances in other horror flicks, including Night Of Quigley Demons, Silent Night, Deadly Night, along side other acting credits. Although her numerous roles in low budget horror flicks are impressive, Linnea still has to pay bills like the rest of us, leading to her venture into hardcore adult cinema. Holly Sampson started hitting mainstream television roles in her teens, appearing in popular shows like The Wonder YearsMatlock, and a role in the film Pump Up The Volume.

While still working in mainstream productions, Holly entered the hardcore side of the adult industry under the pseudonyms "Nicolette" and "Zoe. She eventually hopped over to the softcore side of things, starring in EmmanuelleLinnea Voyeur, and a variety of feature length softcore films. She jumped back over the fence to hardcore movies inand currently uses her real name when starring in feature length erotic films. Additionally, inHolly claimed to be one of hardcore women who slept with Tiger Woods during his adulterous streak.

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Scott Schwartz, better known as Flick from A Christmas Story the one who gets his tongue stuck to the flagpolewas also in a few other feature films through the beginning of his mainstream career, including the The Toy and Kidco. When the '90s rolled around, Scott found himself involved with slightly different tongues and poles in movies, as he took a series of non-participatory jobs in the adult industry before eventually deciding to jump into the action himself.

He eventually hopped back out indeciding to again focus on his career outside of the erotic industry.

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Lovelson, but she has also scored roles in a variety of other television shows. She also approached adult entertainment company Vivid with an idea for an erotic film that she was deeply involved in. Faithless was a straight up hardcore adult film, and McCarty had her hand in acting, editing, and writing, among other things.

Lovelson, regardless of her extracurricular activities.

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He also made an appearance in the well-received comedy Kentucky Fried Movie in In the '80s, John Bailey entered the adult industry under the pseudonym "Jack Baker" and proceeded to make a serious go of it.

He later moved onto mostly non-sexual roles before passing away prematurely from bladder cancer in Apart from her Star Trek role, she appeared in a variety of TV shows before turning to a different type of clam all together-- the adult industry kind.

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Under the guise of one of three aliases, Pettyjohn went on to star in such adult films as Titillation, Stalag 69, and Body Talk, among a handful of others. She also appeared in a selection of skin magazines where she posed nude. Pettyjohn eventually became a burlesque performer in Las Vegas, before passing away in Cameron Diaz is one of the most prolific actresses in Hollywood, having stared and co-stared in a variety of feature films. Before Diaz hit it off in the mainstream, she starred in an extremely '90s softcore video that featured her exposing some bosom and administering some serious whipping to a dude in a gimp mask adorned in chains.

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Diaz has kept her career squeaky clean and does her best to scrub away any trace that the video existed in the first place. Can you think of any other actors who've been in the "other" industry? Let us know in the comments.

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