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Female lady Lucina friend and strangets

Robcina is the non-binary ship between Robin and Lucina from the Fire Emblem fandom. Robin and Lucina first meet when she is disguised as Marth, and aids Robin and the Prince Chrom when they are being attacked by the risen.

Lucina And Female Robin

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The daughter of Chrom and gifted with the mark of Naga, known as the Brand of the Exalt, on her left eye, like in the present timeline, future Lucina was born to Chrom and his wife after the Ylisse-Plegia War.

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Chrom: Olivia. I like their dynamic and Inigo makes the most sense as Chrom's .

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He looks like Chrom, and the comparison to Lucina is very reasonable here since she'd be his sister. Robin: Frederick. He's best husband, best knight, and best retainer.

Always doing our best! — lucina and female robin (robcina) + female byleth

Koei only made him even better for me too in FE Warriors and that's on top of sexy abs Summer Freddy being a thing in Heroes. He's pretty much my favorite FE character along with Ike now. Chrom: Sumia, but only cause I do find them adorable on some occasion, though I do wish their pairing wasn't so forced. Robin is a close second though, and sometimes higher at times.

Who is lucina’s mother?

Lucina: M! Was the girl I had Robin pair with on my first playthrough and I loved it all the way. RobiCina FTW! Robin- Cherche. Cherche is one of my favorite Awakening characters and I really like this pairing. Especially as I usually make a large build avatar, which in him looking older than most of the cast so Cherche makes sense for that reason also. Chrom- Typically Olivia, I don't know why but I really like this one. In the first place Inigo is my 2nd favourite kid character, Inigo has blue hair as does Chrom so there's that.

Lucina- I like the pairing her with Gerome. For one thing Gerome is my favorite child character so there's that, also Gerome and Lucina seem like the most mature grown up of the child characters so I think this pairing makes sense for that reason as well. This is a pairing that gives equally great benefits to both children, and I especially like them as a couple. I've almost never not paired Chrom together with Cynthia because I can't see her as anything other than Lucina's sister.

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Chrom and Sumia just because it's easy to max out and they have a decent support. Being able to get A rank really early can be nice with the extra boosts they give each other. Lucina and Gerome because they have a neat history with each other and I like the contrast between someone with a wyvern murdering sword and a dude who rides a wyvern himself.

Can't go wrong with her. Maribelle for Chrom if it's not Sumia, that is. I'm also fine with Sully, but the less I have to say about Chrom and Olivia, the better.

Chrom: Sumia because I really don't like the both of them and sheer laziness. Not reading their supports I'm programmed to press that start button in a heartbeat makes it go easier.

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Lucina: Inigo because I've seen fan-art I've liked of them and her Gerome supports I feel are a cure for insomnia. Robin: This made me realize how little I re-play Awakening. I never done any child units. Well, you're enthusiastic.

I actually married Robin not named Robin at the time since I actually thought he was an avatar back then, silly me! Now, however, I can't really pair Male Robin with anyone else but Lucina. Let that be a lesson to never rush marriage life lessons with Fire Emblem.

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Chrom is pretty much meant to be with Sumia, and I'm fine with that as his other options are I do legitimately like them together though and playing through it again more recently, their support didn't seem quite as pie-centric as I remembered. I don't use Female Robin much never actually beat it using her so I really don't have a pairing for her that I'm dedicated to. If I were to play through it with her again though, I would probably put her with Priam. In all honesty, I cannot see anything more perfect for Lucina than Robin. It's the ultimate irony even. Lucina going back in time to stop her father's murderer and Grima, only to literally love with the one that becomes both.

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I have this headcanon where Lucina had hood crush on Robin at first, but thought she grew out of it later on because of the war and all. But after going back in time and now meeting Robin when they're the same age, all those feelings she had back then resurface and grow to the point of love. Honestly, I do wish that Sumia wasn't pushed too hard onto Chrom. It's kind of why she's so unpopular. And it didn't help that she also had limited options too.

But yeah, Sumia feels the most right, since I use M! Robin has plenty of pairings herself. Plus, if you become Lucina's mother, there's the other irony where the murderer and Grima ends up being her own mother, wanting to save her father at the cost of her mother. I think the drama works better with Male Robin since Lucina had to actively choose him instead of being born to Female Robin which she had no control over plus, it just seems like they are awkwardly flirting almost in the Male Robin support.

That, and I believe that in the end, love for one's spouse should be greater than love for one's parents so it means more with Male Robin. I also like to think that Lucina would be a good reason why Male Robin did not succumb the second time. Plus, Female Morgan with Aether is nice.

Female robin x lucina fanfic

Give her Galeforce along with her mother and they become a mother-daughter duo of incredible destructive capabilities I do wish the support wasn't so generic even if I understand why they did it, but the event tile conversations on Lucina's end [or anyone else who can only have a Morgan] are expressly for Morgan so that's nice, also, no mention of Chrom being the world's youngest grandpa is disappointing though.

I won't go and say that love for one's spouse is greater than love for parents. Love is love regardless, so I don't think one should be undermined over the other. However, I do agree that to fall in love with Robin is something that she had a choice in, whereas being Robin's daughter would be something that Lucina had no control over. Not all love is created equal. Would you say you love your friends as much as your parents or grandparents? And, yes, Morgan is always OP, but with that set up they can get in some nice bonding as they get three actions in one turn.

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Depends on how strong the friendship is and how the bond with parents are. That's why I say that love is love and one isn't always superior to the other. Some cases has you love your friends or lover more. Some has you love your family more.

It all depends on the person and how their relationship with the people are like. Also, sometimes you can even see Morgan as a thing of symbolic nature, where Morgan from a 2nd Gen unit represents a new future that exists now. If you love your friends more than your spouse, that probably does not bode well for your marriage. Yeah, but I still would have liked a little more reaction from the others. Especially if she's 3rd two and a half?

At least give her and her grandparents a special event tile or something like that. Not all marriages works out. In fact, some relationships fall apart because the other person doesn't like their lover's friends. That would be awkward enough as it is. Think the last thing Sumia or Chrom wants to know is that they're grandparents before they even hit their 30s. Reminds me of my brother's theory that Chrom is just blocking it all out for the sake of his own sanity.

How do you figure? Chrom and Sumia are together in the intro with baby Lucina, they have that scene on the pegasus, and interaction in a cutscene after her recruitment. Everyone's entitled to their own ship, but it's hardly implied canon. Except Chrom can't marry Cynthia. He can marry Cynthia's mother, Sumia, but not Cynthia herself.

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Chrom X Sully. Childhood friends, plus very alike in terms of interests and personality? me up! Lucina X Male Morgan. What a perfect pair. His happy attitude seems to make the burden she carries less heavy. No particular reason, they seem like a nice match. Male Robin X Noire. Very sweet supports, ones that I find are a bit more normal than the usual wackiness especially for the 2nd generation characters.

Nothing to get in the way of discussion, pep talks and a date! Female Robin X Stahl. Again, among the more normal ones.