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Thanks to new technology, modders can dig up official unused voice files found in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to implement more same-sex romances than are officially supported in the trilogy, such as a relationship between FemShep and Miranda Lawson. This was already possible long ago as both voice actors for Commander Shepard, Mark Meer and Jennifer Halerecorded all dialogue for both characters regardless of any gender-specific related content. Sometimes players mistake this for an early intention to support same-sex romances only to get scrapped down the line, but this is fairly common practice in game development.

Mass Effect 3 Sex Mods

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Texture mods for the ME series ME Masseffectmods. ME Mymasseffectworld.

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I have always loved this game, though, and it seems that this classic RPG will only be remembered more fondly as time goes on. Of course, the game is nearly seven years old now, and that age is starting to show. Thankfully for PC gamers, some of the most dedicated members of the Mass Effect community have done some amazing work to keep the game looking and playing beautifully in It mass retextures everything from Commander Shepard, to companions, to weapons and armor, environments, and more.

Everything in here is lore and immersion-friendly. This mod is ambitious. It introduces several new missions, restores cut content, and adds a huge of customization options. The most impressive of these options are the choices the player can now make about the look and function of the Normandy and its mods. It also includes new weapons and armor for an exciting twist on the gameplay. Alliance Warpack. The des are very Mass Effect and they look amazing. Bonus Power Packs. Singleplayer Native Controller Support Mod. Controller support has become far more standard since Mass Effect 3 launched without it.

It adds controller functionality to the singleplayer and switches the UI to the default console style to match. Modders have sex thousands of hours in dozens of games patching bugs that slipped by the developers. This mod proudly follows in that long tradition. It also effects some minor continuity fixes and restores cut dialog. Tali Full Face Mod. Tali is amazing—only Garrus can stand right at the top of my companions ranking with her.

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This mod gets rid of that roadblock Tali still wears her helmet, but she now has a fully animated face that is visible thanks to a slightly less opaque visor. Casual Jack. I also really like Jack in Mass Effect 3. I was never a fan of her basic outfit in this game, though.

This section contains all the mods for mass effect 3.

This mod changes the strange jacket and medical tape combo she normally wears into more of a biker style. Shorter Dreams. Unpopular opinion: I liked the dream sequences in Mass Effect 3. No sad, slowly sprinting earth child in sight…. Better Dreams.

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This mod outright replaces the dream sequences with more hectic, but still vivid and emotional flashbacks to various horrific scenes from the series. The kid is still present, but only as one of many scarring memories that Shepard has to relive while dreaming.

These sequences are lore-friendly and really well-made.

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Tank Top and the Jacket. Most of the default casual clothing options for a female Shepard feel oddly stiff.

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Download this mod if you want to loosen up while talking to your companions on the Normandy and look super cool doing it. Alien Aliens. Last but not least, this mod retextures the models of all the alien races in the game. Mass Effect may not have as large of a mod library as games like Skyrim or Fallout 4but there are still plenty of talented creators providing ways you can spice up the game.

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Updated: 05 Mar am. BY: Joshua H. More on this topic: mass effect 3. Josh was surrounded by miles of suburbia as a kid, so it's no wonder he fell in love with the fantastical worlds of games. He can still be found exploring them today. Gamer Since: ALOT Shepard's armor is much more detailed when using this mod. Log in or register to post comments.

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More Top Stories. Being the third game in the series, Mass Effect 3 grandfathered in a lot of weapons from the first two games, and also added a whole bunch of new ones with unique features and capabilities. Mass Effect 3 has such an incredibly large selection of weapons in fact, that things can get a little Or blowing them up. Or using biotics. Or using that little drone that distracts them and then After Mass Effect: Andromeda crashed spectacularly onto store shelves inthe Mass Effect series had laid dormant without as much as a peep. That is until the recent EA shocked the world by finally making a good decision and announced a remaster slated for a May 14th release date.

But how can The Mass Effect Trilogy is beloved by fans, but does the final chapter cap it off well? Nothing like a space warrior about to face off against robo-squids! I'm enough of a fan to say that Mass Effect is one of the most impactful games ever made. They have shaped many of our Choosing ill-fitting armor is like killing off Urdnot Wrex in the first Mass Effect.

So, you might as well get it right the Because when push comes to shove, the most optimized loadout will Am I right?

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In RPGs, players particularly love playing the game to optimize their character as much as possible with the right build. Except there are always several attractive options in games like Here a list of top 10 games like Deus Ex for you to enjoy.

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Back when it appeared, the original Deus Ex brought something truly original and immersive to the gaming world. Following the disappointment that was Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare wisely decided to shelve the franchise. The fourth edition lacked the spark of the original trilogy, even though it displayed massive potential In Mass Effect, an assault rifle is often your best friend… besides all of the alien crewmates you spend all your free time hanging out with on the Normandy. I got some bad news for you though.

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That M-8 Avenger you spent your entire first playthrough upgrading and going back to again and