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Audio problem : When Will Smith is looking at the two space ships at the MIB headquarters, if you look in the background Zed and K are there typing on the computer.

Men In Black Bloopers

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Audio problem : When Will Smith is looking at the two space ships at the MIB headquarters, if you look in the background Zed and K are there typing on the computer. But if you look closer you can tell that they're not even touching the keyboard and the sounds are just added into the movie. DVDs can be longer or shorter under different countries' TV systems. Please try one of these times:. Revealing mistake : When Will Smith throws a rock at the escaping Edgar alien, if you watch the rock after it hits the alien, it disappears after hitting the ground.

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In. Edit Men in Black Showing all 85 items. Right before Kay unplugs the camera in the interrogation he says "Some night huh? When the recruits are meeting to be tested an Army Lt. Except he has the silver bar of a 1st Lt. As the camera pans into the morgue the corpse on the fridge tray has a neck pulse. When Kay wipes the memories of the cops on the Mexican border, he says the neuralyzer will isolate the 'electronic' impulses in their brains, when actually it's 'electrical' impulses. When Zed shows Jay the screen diagram of Orion's Belt at headquarters, the three stars are labeled in reverse of their true order, and Alnilam is misspelled as Alinlam.

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Kay tells Jay, " years ago, everybody 'knew' the Earth was flat. In the shooting test sequence, while discussing Tiffany with Zed, J is gesturing with the hand holding a loaded gun, which points all over the place at various times.

Anyone with basic gun safety knowledge will be much more careful about which direction the gun is pointed. A police officer should definitely know better. Kay tells Jay that his teacher, Ms. Edelson, is from one of Jupiter's moons. However, when viewing her file on the display, her planet is stated to be Brevig.

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Jupiter has no moons named Brevig. Is this interesting? J points the Noisy Cricket in K's face as soon as K hands it to him. K then proceeds to have J carry the gun into the field without having had a chance to practice with it. Both are major gun safety no-nos. J is supposed to be a trained police officer, who should know something about handling firearms. Even if it doesn't look like a 9mm, he should employ the same basic safety practices as with a real gun, especially knowing it's a sidearm.

When Kay shoots Jeebs in the head in the jewelry store, the resultant blast sends goop flying everywhere, yet in the next scene, the counter and wall behind Jeebs is completely clean.

The s in the windows of the Russian restaurant change when shown from the inside. The address on the back of the MiB business card goes from being below the logo to above it. When the bug in the Edgar suit enters the morgue he is carrying a shotgun and places it next to the window before he rings the bell. In the next scene he is attacking Laurel with the hand gun he took from the tow truck driver with no shotgun in sight. When Jay goes to the window to ring the bell the Shot gun should be leaning against the wall but is nowhere to be seen.

When Edwards is at MIB headquarters in the egg shaped chair he sets his test papers to his left side, then when he stands up to drag the table over the papers briefly disappear.

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When Rosenberg leaves his shop, Edgar's "Zap'Em" truck is visible, reflected in the window. It is parked. The next shot of the street shows Edgar drive by and park in front of Rosenberg's shop. The plate on the LTD changes from centered to the right-hand side during the film.

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When the Bug goes into the farm house wearing Edgar's skin he drinks sugar water, and then Beatrice tells him that his skin is hanging off his bones. He looks in the mirror then grabs his hair and pulls his skin tightly to the back of his head.

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Beatrice faints and the next shot shows the bug still pulling his hair back, but the skin is no longer stretched. Kent Faulcon is identified as "1st. Jake Jensen" in the credits but calls himself "2nd Lt. Jake Jensen" in the audition scene. He has 1st Lt. When Edgar breaks into the store you can see the Zap'Em truck outside. The roof is smooth and undamaged while in the earlier scene when he drives into the city the roof is torn up and his ship is sticking through the hole in the roof.

Exclusive: even the professionals mess up sometimes. this blooper reel from men in black: international has us cracking up. šŸ˜‚

When Kay is giving Jay his weapon, the bug's spaceship can be seen behind Jay before the shoot out at Rosenberg's. During the morgue scene while inspecting the body cavity, the weight shown on one of the scales in the background changes. The first time Jay and Kay are in the morgue with the coroner, Jay and the doctor leave to examine the next body and Kay starts to examine the first body. When the camera angle changes we can clearly see body 1 behind them but Kay is nowhere to be seen. The shotgun Edgar puts down in the morgue disappears.

When Mets player Bernard Gilkey is hit on the head with the ball, he is wearing jersey 23 Gilkey'sand the jersey has the standard "Mets" script across the chest.

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Later, when he is seen on the cover of the tabloid, he is wearing 20, with the script that has a "swoosh-tail" attached to the "s" underlining the word "Mets. Early on Zed says to Jay that they're going to go try on "the last suit you'll ever wear", but in the last scene of the movie, Jay is wearing what's obviously a very different suit just the same color.

When K and J begin chasing after "Edgar" from the morgue it is daytime, but as they enter the Lincoln Tunnel it has shifted to night.

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Even allowing for their stopping at MIB headquarters, it should still be light. After J shoots his cricket for the first time and K says "he's not going anywhere, we have his spaceship" - the spaceship is shown crammed in the back of the Bug Truck partially sticking out.

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When they are leaving the scene, the back door is shut with no damage to the bug truck and the spaceship completely inside. At 15 minutes when the farmer's wife adds sugar to Edgar the Bug's drink, the word 'Sony' and the serial and bar code of the Sony prop house is seen on the bottom of the bowl. When the alien craft crashes, there is a shot of smoke rising, and off to the right side of the scene, men can be seen walking down the hill.

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When the alien jumps off backward from the roof of the Guggenheim Museum, a safety cable can clearly be seen on his leg just before the jump. Partial reflection of the camera and its shadow can be seen when the camera follows the bank of lockers during Jay's initiation into the MIB. When Kay approaches Redgick's car, the shadow of the camera can be seen briefly.

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As Jay is trying to follow Edgar after the gun fight outside the jewelry store, the pyrotechnic devices used for the cricket gun damage blasts are clearly visible for a few seconds before they burn out. Kay and Jay stop an alien in a car the alien with the pregnant wife because the alien is fleeing Manhattan, the area to which his visa restricts him. The alien's car is pointed toward Manhattan. When Redgick is stopped with his pregnant wife in New Jersey, the World's Fair-towers in Queens can be seen briefly in the background.

As Jay chases the alien at the beginning of the movie, the chase starts at Grand Central Terminal.

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In the next shot, the alien is seen running downtown the park is on his right to get to the Guggenheim Museum. In the end where we see Manhattan's place in the galaxy, the camera zooms from a location near the center of the Milky Way. According to most scientists, earth is actually located on one of the galaxy's "arms".

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Also, the suburban grass lawn is atypical for Truro. Homes are mostly surrounded by pine needles, brush and dunes. When looking at the star chart of Orion's Belt, Alnitak can be seen labelled as the middle star. From the northern hemisphere, Alnitak is the leftmost of the three stars of the belt Alnilam is the middle star, Mintaka is the right hand star.

Kay says the MIB agency fund themselves through "a few patents", one of them being the microwave oven. However the microwave oven was invented in and is sold commercially since - before MIB even existed as an agency - making it impossible for them to patent it. Raytheon, established inowns the patent. As Zed explains Orion's Belt to Jay at HQ, he rotates the constellation Orion vertically on a screen display and zooms in, showing the Belt's stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka to be in a roughly straight line and of equal brightness.

Men in black bloopers

In reality such an "overhead" projection of the Belt would show a long triangle with a very narrow base Alnilam is about twice as far from Earth as the other two starswith Mintaka on the right nine times brighter than Alnitak on the left. When Kay is looking at his lost girlfriend via satellite, the view is horizontal, as though shot from the ground, rather than "top down", as though shot from space.

The first shot of the film follows a dragonfly flying along a desert highway at night. Dragonflies are not nocturnal and furthermore do not make a buzzing sound when in flight.

71 mistakes

Jay and Kay exit the morgue at night and go directly back to MIB headquarters. Jay goes to his computer and scans for his lost love in Cape Cod, which is in the same time zone as NY. When the image is located, it appears to be daylight when it should be in the evening. In the star chart view of Orion's belt the name Alnitak is spelled incorrectly as Alintak.

Also Alnitak should be on the left and Mintaka on the right.

When the bug is flying over the baseball game, the Mets are playing the Braves. ly in the movie you see that the date is May 11, On that day, the Mets hosted the Rockies.

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That distance is equal to about 2. But Proxima Centauri, the sun's nearest stellar neighbor, is 4. So where could the alien have come from? The exterminator's truck does not have a New York State DEC sticker, which is required for all pesticide application vehicles to have clearly on display.