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Treatment for Scheuermann's kyphosis depends on the patient's age, severity of the curve and, if there are any neurological problems very uncommon. However, the course of treatment is generally the following: Unless the kyphosis is severe, most physicians prescribe a period of observation with yearly exams and x-rays to see if any increase in the curvature takes place. Photo Source: RF.

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Kyphosis patients present with an exaggerated outward rounding of the upper thoracic spine, which when left untreated can continue to progress during periods of growth.

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The Kyphologic brace, from Germany, uses specific pressure points to induce spinal correction in-brace. The Kyphologic brace is deed to reduce anterior vertebral loading during adolescence, thereby allowing the spine to move towards a more normal position in the sagittal plane. For adults, the Kyphologic brace may help provide pain relief and spinal support during part-time wear. A study by Weiss et al.

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As shown in the photos below, the Kyphologic brace uses much less hip material and has no cervical extension hardware, making the brace easier to wear and conceal. The kyphosis brace utilizes two 3-point pressure systems. The first pressure-point system focuses on three areas: the posterior sacral zone, anteriorly below the chest, and posteriorly at the thoracic apex.

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The second point system also includes pressure points at the anterior lower rib area, posteriorly at the thoracic apex and a two-pad system located just below the clavicles. These pressure points work to induce retraction of the scapulas thereby creating thoracic extension.

There are two closure straps at the front of the brace.

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The upper strap exerts pressure on the lower ribs to decrease the rib prominence while the lower strap focuses on pelvic stabilization. This closure system allows the Kyphologic brace to provide pelvic support without excessive material at the hips as seen in other kyphosis braces.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Kyphologic Brace for either you or your child, please. The Open Orthopaedics Journal. Best decision ever! After much research, we decided that traveling km to Scoliosis 3DC and paying out of pocket for a Gensingen Brace would give our 9 year old the best chance at stopping progression of her scoliosis.

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Marc, Amy, Maja and all the staff are so compassionate and spent several hours over…. His ongoing support and determination made me enjoy my treatments and believe that I could really make a difference in my condition.

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This website contains general information about scoliosis and conservative treatment methods. The information on this website and blog should not be treated as case-specific medical advice.

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Treatment Options. Schroth Method for Scoliosis. Schroth Best Practice for Scoliosis.

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Cheneau-Gensingen Brace for Scoliosis. Schroth Method for Kyphosis.

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Kyphologic Brace for Kyphosis. Physiologic Brace for Kyphosis.

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Who We Treat. Juvenile Scoliosis Patients.

Scoliosis stories

Adolescent Scoliosis Patients. Adult Scoliosis Patients. Kyphosis Patients. Scoliosis Resources. Cobb Angle Measurement.

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Mild, Moderate or Severe Scoliosis. Terms and Definitions. Research Studies. New Patients. What is 3DC?

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Our Scoliosis Story. Marc Moramarco. Meet the Team. Frequently Asked Questions.

Scheuermann's kyphosis: non-operative and surgical treatment

From Arezoo Eshraghi: Effect of Milwaukee brace on static and dynamic balance of female hyperkyphotic adolescents Treatment Options Schroth Method. Cobb Angle. Our Story. Privacy Policy.