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The WePlay AniMajor was an immense success, with the 5th highest peak viewership of all time.

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A group of Twitch streamers and YouTube personalities have figured out a core business model that has catapulted them into every major conversation: Drama sells. Content creators have learned that calling out other casters and appearing on their streams is a good way to get people to pay attention to them. These and other familiar casters are notorious for their ability to create controversy.

The negative attention both Jones and the subreddit received after the streamer landed on the front prompted the response, as questions came flooding in.

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Jones streams often on IRL, a divisive Twitch section where drama lurks and personalities bait each other. The more someone talks smack about another caster, the more likely it is that the caster will respond, resulting in confrontation. Although it seems negative, their newfound attention inevitably boosts their careers. More people tune in, subscriptions grow and business booms. For Jones lately, those involve attacking one caster in particular: GreekGodX, more commonly referred to as Greek.

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Jones also tells Greek to stop hitting on Mira, bringing up an incident from May that caused problems for the former friends. And you need to be called out for it.

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If he keeps snaking people like this After berating people in chat for not subscribing to his channel, calling out other casters for hyping their own channels and complaining about his view count, Jones has put the the Twitch community on edge. There are no clever thumbnails or clickbait titles; it all comes down to the quality of content and consistency of the streamer.

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Jones has faced this criticism before. The personality has admitted on stream to reading the LivestreamFail subreddit wanting its members to mention him.

The drama between Greek and Jones, which built up little-by-little over the course of before exploding this week, came to a head after a publicly vulnerable moment from Jones. In December, Jones hosted an IRL livestream as he drove around in his car and detailed just how much the negative attention was getting to him. In the clip below, Jones said his anxiety and depression were at an all-time high, causing him to lash out emotionally. The caster said he wanted to take a week off from the online world — Reddit, Twitch, Twitter — to focus on feeling better.

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He later tweeted about the break on Twitter. Jones returned to call out someone on Twitter for mocking the stream where he broke down.

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He can let chat do the work for him and spam Mitch and piss him off. Regardless of how Mitch is Greek is an asshole for doing this to Mitch in this context.

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There are community guidelines that need to be abided by. Update: Polygon spoke to Jones after this story was published.

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