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Drew" looking for love with a small-town farm boy, or was this digital romance too good to be true? Well, it was really Joe's friend Rose behind the fake Kari Ann profile — and a few other bogus Facebook s as well. Rose seemed less than apologetic about her deceptive pastime and even reactivated her Kari Ann just a day after she was outed by the TV show.

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After hear beauty career, Peniche has been the subject of a of gossip stories. Her personal relationships, such as her engagement to Aaron Carter, singer and brother of Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, and her subsequent feud with singer Mindy McCready. After having known Aaron for five days, he proposed on stage, to which she agreed, despite having dated Nick as well. Their engagement lasted six days. Peniche also appeared on the reality show, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, Sober House, and Celebrity Rehab, where she addressed her addiction behavior.

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She was stripped of the latter title after appearing nude in the November issue of Playboy magazine. She has been the subject of several celebrity gossip stories, including a brief engagement to singer Aaron Carter, a quarrel with singer Mindy McCready, and the leak of a controversial home video involving actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart.

She is also well known to television audiences for her appearances on the first season of Sex Rehab with Dr. Drewthe third season of Celebrity Rehaband a brief appearance on the second season of Sober House.

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Peniche was born in San Diego, California on March 20, Her mother, Lee Ann Rosenbarger, is a business consultant. Peniche has two younger brothers.

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After their parents divorced, the three siblings lived with their mother, who was an extreme perfectionist especially about schoolwork. Peniche attended a modeling class at age twelve. After briefly moving the family to Houston, Texas, Peniche's mother remarried and moved them to a home on Blue Lake in Fairview, Oregon.

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At age 16, Peniche won a six-week contract to model in Korea. She returned for another six-week stint at age In a interview with Steppin' Out magazine, Peniche claimed that she was sexually abused as a minor, teenage model, and beauty queen; also physically abused by a former boyfriend. Peniche was considered an unconventional ant winner, for her fashion and career choices.

She was later stripped of her Miss United States Teen title after appearing nude in Playboy magazine. Peniche stated that she did not think there would be any issue, since: she claimed that nothing in her beauty ant contract prohibited her from doing nude modeling; and, her Playboy issue was not published for sale until after her reign had ended. Peniche went on to host Xtreema Seattle-based, cable television program featuring local bands and extreme sports; and, the Boom Boom Huck Jam event.

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She acted in Small Changean independent film produced in Seattle, and has appeared in other movies and TV shows. They had known each other five days. Peniche, who had ly dated his older brother Nick, agreed.

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The engagement was broken off six days later. All three are naked, though the video does not contain any sex acts. Though it is playboy how the video was made public, it had been stored on a hard drive that was the subject of a dispute between Peniche and Mindy McCready during their time on Celebrity Rehab. Drew a documentary about the treatment miss for sexual addiction patients [filmed in April ] at the Pasadena Recovery Center.

Peniche described herself as having had hundreds of lovers, but being unable to emotionally connect with anyone in any kind of relationship. Peniche's participation in the treatment program was marred by her aggressive and erratic behavior: verbally abusing the staff and other patients; refusing to participate in group discussions, or obey the clinic's rules; forcefully demanding that the staff fetch her fruit juice and bring it to her bedside; accusing people of laughing at usa when they clearly were not; and, compulsively smiling as a beauty ant contestant might, in order to maintain a facade of well-being -- even when discussing her own past traumas and pain.

Drew Pinsky, the treating physician, became teen that she was using illicit substances such as methamphetamine, or had been prior to being admitted. It was indicated that both the substance abuse and BPD had to be treated before any treatment for sexual addiction could begin.

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Eventually, Peniche was involuntarily discharged for failing to comply with the program's guidelines. She refused Pinsky's offer of an alternative program at a nearby psychiatric hospital, and during the process of being evicted from her home, she made suicidal gestures and became abusive toward the show's production staff e.

Later, during production of the third season of Celebrity RehabPeniche contacted Pinsky for help.

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Pinsky explained that her aggressive behavior during Sex Rehab was derived from drugs she smuggled into the PRC in her teddy bear; and, were difficult to detect during drug testing because of the medication Peniche took for attention deficit disorder. Pinsky went to her residence, where Peniche showed him the crystal meth she was using. She was shown returning to the Pasadena Recovery Center at the end of that season's fourth episode.

Executive producer John Irwin claimed that her behavior changed by her second appearance, although she did allegedly punch a cameraman, at one point. In her second stint at the Pasadena Recovery Center, Peniche again exhibited some problematic behaviors including conflict with the staff and other patients, plus again violating facility rules ; however, she did complete the program. Peniche ed the cast of Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober Housein which she transferred into a sober living facility often an interim step between rehab, and returning to society.

In the first episode, she became verbally abusive toward the sober living manager Jennifer Gimenezand tested positive for methamphetamine.

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During the second episode, admitted being worried that her former Rehab co-star, Mindy McCready whom Peniche had invited to move in with her at the end of their season on Rehab —an idea that Dr. Pinsky openly opposed had access to sensitive materials on Peniche's computer. It was later reported that the two argued over money, and, an accusation over a stolen hard drive [containing the nude video featuring Peniche, Eric Dane, and Rebecca Gayheart].

As Peniche was being filmed returning home to address this matter, she punched a cameraman in the eye, and was evicted from the sober living facility. Peniche married Justin Williams in February When her son Preston was 10 months old, his hair tested positive for meth. She also has one other. Siddhesh Joshi Editor I enjoy creating and spreading knowledgeable content for everyone around the world and try my best not to leave even the smallest of mistakes go unnoticed.

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