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Mlp girl princess for guy especially for molestia

Tumblr4chanand the bronies —fans of the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic— are facing off over a deleted pony blog and a flood of harassment directed toward a year-old girl who may have influenced the takedown. Molestia was so popular she had her own TV tropesher own wikiand her own mini-fandom with spinoff parody blogs. Image via Cheezburger.

Mlp Princess Molestia

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Name: Selle
Years: 20
Nationality: Dutch
Eye tint: Dark dark eyes
Music: Hip hop
Other hobbies: My hobbies painting
I have tattoo: None

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This character was created by the artist John Joseco. Although the artist is no longer drawing the character, many fans of the tumblr have started drawing the character as well. The only exception are posts from John Joseco's "askprincessmolestia" blog now closed which tend to be mostly monochrome.

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Princess molestia - mlp princess celestia mane

Character: princess molestia post post post Princess Molestia is the fan-made alter-ego fan character of Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Note that the "younger version" of Princess Celestia is often depicted a bright pink hair, and actually has nothing to do with the fan character.

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