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It's best to just come right out and say it: in its current incarnation, My Nintendo sucks. If you buy Nintendo products with any regularity, you're probably familiar with its most recent loyalty program, which rewards you with coins for completing various tasks - like playing Nintendo's slowly growing library of mobile games - or for purchasing Nintendo products. If you're like me, though, you probably have thousands of coins burning a hole in your pocket as you wait for something - anything - to show up on the store worth buying.

My Nintendo Sucks

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If you're a connoisseur of My Nintendo who's been holding on to those pricey Platinum Points in the hope of getting something nice before they expire, then you don't need us to tell you that Nintendo's loyalty rewards program is a little Sometimes the prizes are quite nice - our memories include a beautiful shiny playing card set and a Skyward Sword orchestral soundtrack, although that was back in the Club Nintendo days - and sometimes they're bits of paper with Mario's face on them. But Reddit user RootBearr is making the heartache a little bit better with their still-in-development tracker for checking when things are in stock on My Nintendo.

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What part is your favorite for My Nintendo at the moment. I know it's a bit lacklustre in what it offers, but I wanted to create a discussion on what things you currently liked.

You can't make me use the n64 controller again, nintendo

I really like the themes and that it offers two software. I like the customization options, especially since my money usually goes to the games themselves so having the themes for free is really nice. I just wish that it updated a little more frequently, it gets a bit old looking at the same themes available for months. Edit: yes I know their current rewards kinda suck, especially compared to Club Nintendo.

A year later, nintendo's loyalty program is still a disappointment - but it doesn't have to be

I guess I wanted to create more of a discussion than just "the rewards suck" and "club nintendo was better" even if I would agree with those statements. Let's be honest. My Nintendo sucks. Just sucks. I still check in once in a while. I get those platinum points Gold same other than saving me pennies on an eShop purchase. Discounts for overpriced games I already own, wallpapers and themes I could give less than 0 shits about.

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There is absolutely zero value to the service anymore. And that's coming from a guy whos been on the service for 12 years So I know youre fishing for a silver lining, but there is not one there to be had. Fair enough. I ed more recently so although I know about the cool rewards they had before, I don't have personal experience with them.

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I thought it was cool that they offered Warioware for just platinum coins at launch I love when they actually have software. It really gives a reason for the service and it feels cool to have, even if I don't really use it flip note studio, I'll eventually give you more time. I like the gold point discounts. It would be nice if they widened their selection, but it's a step in the right direction if they choose to expand further.

What was my nintendo like before?

The lack of redeemable awards worth anything is a favourite of mine because it fills me with nostalgia for club Nintendo. Like yeah, it was clearly better, everyone already knows that. That, and some of the printables are kinda cool, like alternate boxart.

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Also the Twilight Princess Picross was pretty fun. I honestly love the free themes. It's a great way to customize your DS if you don't want to shell out the money for themes or use cfw. My only wish was that it updated a bit more frequently every two weeks or every month would be nice.

I liked back when they offered actual games instead of printables lol.

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My favorite part is when they add new Halloween 3DS themes I'm overstocked on Platinum Coins by the end of the month with nothing else to spend it on? Might as well invest it into the one mobile Nintendo game worth playing. Gold Coins needn't be associated with the program since it all goes back on the Switch, which My Nintendo largely ignores otherwise. For real though, it's not just the underwhelming rewards that this platform has been underselling.

Even with those aside main draws being discounts on games most of their consumer base on 3DS and Wii U already boughtNintendo straight up no longer knows what to do with it. I remember when it was first advertised as this big new thing that will support Nintendo's mobile ventures to get people more interested in investing in their main products, yet their recent releases no longer tie in to it. My Nintendo was never nintendo in the suck breath with Dr. Mario World and Mario Kart Tour.

Wii U game discounts are systematically being removed from the service bit by bit, leaving only predominant 3DS support - which is already falling off the wayside thanks to the Switch selling like gangbusters. Why not give people more incentive to spend their coins on worthwhile rewards, like years old Switch games and hidden gems?

What is my nintendo like now?

Hell, I only log in week by week for Platinum Coins out of routine rather than necessity. I'm not a fan of My Nintendo anymore. Nintendo of America is the problem.

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They're the deadly combination of cheap AND lazy. Just check out the rewards for people in Japan:. I would love if they featured more ds games and discounts on stuff that hasn't already been bought by most people.

My nintendo just got a bunch of new rewards and discounts

I think spotlighting the hidden gems somehow would be great. The fact that I have an overly large of Platinum Points to make myself feel marginally better about myself. I have received some great stuff from My Nintendo. I also got some cool Pokemon wallpaper for my computer.

What part is your favorite for my nintendo at the moment?

Despite all the criticism people have said in this post, criticisms that I agree with, My Nintendo has been worth it for me. I have received a lot of cool stuff for free with the service that I would not have received otherwise. It could definitely be better, I'm not denying that, but for what it is I appreciate it. Found the internet!

What part is your favorite for My Nintendo at the moment? Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. That was pretty cool. Ok, interesting.

Nintendo added actual rewards to their european my nintendo program and they ran out instantly

Do you have a second favorite? Continue this thread. Yeah, at least you can get it for next year. More posts from the MyNintendo community. The hub for all your updates on My Nintendo. You can redeem these points for digital content, discounts, and physical rewards.

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