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Cases on campus have hit a high in February. Of the active cases, are tied to members of the student body, with another students needing to quarantine as a result of exposure and contact tracing. Tests from the last week show 1.

New Hampshire Sucks

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Name: Emiline
Years old: 26
Where am I from: Sudanese
My sexual orientation: Gentleman
Eye tint: I’ve got lively dark eyes
My gender: Fem
What is my favourite drink: Cider
Music: Hip hop
Stud: Belly button piercing

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dirty teen Rosalee

I just want to say that i hate NH and wish I never moved back to this shithole. I hate the cold, there is nothing to do and I've realized that my friends have ditched me since they don't have .

passionate teen Adalynn

I'm over it, I want warm weather year round and to be minutes away from anything and everything. The only reason we came back was for my SO family, my family still sucks since coming back.

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Ok, I'm done now. I don't care about green grass, I love waking up to palm trees every morning and being outside enjoying the warm weather.

sluts babes Alayah

Why did I leave SoCal!!! Original poster's comments But the grass is greener over there!

damsel females Mckenzie

Look at CA this year:. See all replies 1. I'm sorry, that sucks! I like living in NH, but I don't mind the cold.

sluts escorts Norah

Have you looked into getting out and doing some mom and baby groups to meet other moms in your area? JubiJee said:. No because I live in an areas where everyone knows everyone.

damsel woman Virginia

This is the view from my backyard when I lived in Murrieta CA so beautiful I miss gorgeous sunsets everyday. This was our pool :.

single asian Alena

We'd love to have you back in So Cal! Originally from So Cal as well but love NH. Not living in NH but have visited for weeks at a time in the summer and winter. I live in MO and still dont miss CA. Follow your baby's amazing development track my baby Download BabyCenter app.

cutie gal Kamiyah

More posts in "July Birth Club" group. Create post in "July Birth Club" group.

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