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I'm tan girl Nice legs tricks

I could probably win a contest for the most pale, pasty, dull, and unattractive natural skin color. On top of that I bruise easily, so I usually have noticeable blue spots on my ultra-white legs.

Nice Tan Legs

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See, I envy those that can keep up with tanning year round, but for me it will always be strictly reserved for summer.

Name: Nata
Years old: I am 27
Caters to: I prefer male
What is my Zodiac sign: Aries
Smoker: No

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Please note orders placed between 24 September - 3 October will be shipped on the 4th of October They say, the further away from your heart a part of your body is, the harder it is to get a tan there.

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A common problem people have while tanning is getting that golden glow on their legs. But there are plenty of things you can do to boost your leg tan and kick start those kickers into tanning!

6 tips to tan your legs fast for that golden glow

Wearing tight pants! Oxygen assists the tanning process, so wearing tight pants and shoes that cover the legs and feet completely is not good, because it constricts the blood flow and hence less oxygen is getting to the skin where it is needed to produce that tan.

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If you can, try and exfoliate no more than once a week! For all the ladies, shaving is something we consider to be vital!

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By shaving you are exfoliating the skin and therefore removing some of the tanned skin. Try to cut back on shaving, and always shave on a day you plan on spending time tanning.

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Taking long hot baths! This also gets rid of the tanned upper layers of skin on your legs, taking you back to square one.

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Legs are naturally low in moisture and become dryer with normal activities. Keeping your legs constantly moisturised during and after tanning, so that they are never flaky and dry, should make a massive difference in deepening your leg tan and maintaining it.

Tan legs images

Using a tan accelerator such as Carrot Sun will enhance tanning even more. An added bonus of Carrot Sun is it is very moisturising, perfect for keeping your legs constantly moisturised!

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March 06, December 29, Or how to maximize tanning during your session? Or which is the best type of sunbed? Or what a tan accelerator does?

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Or how to tan safely? Fear not! Carrot Sun has done all the research for you in answer to these important questions so that you can get the best from your sunbed sessions whilst tanning safely and caring for your skin.

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June 27, Going on holiday and want to get as dark as possible? Need to get a tan-quick!

Why won’t my legs tan? tanning tips for your legs

We run on a secure payment gateway. September 12, They say, the further away from your heart a part of your body is, the harder it is to get a tan there.

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Scandinavians, Germans, people who are naturally incredibly pale, parading around with stunning golden tans. How do they do it?

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We got hold of some of these clever tanned goddesses and they revealed their tanning secrets for the fair-skinned… read on!