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Alessandro and Anna meet by chance. Same night, different tables, both on a date where the other person does not show up.

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This site and the game it advertises contain content not suitable for persons under the age of Our protagonist protects a man from an out of control car, but gets hit and loses his memory in the process. Out of sympathy for his hapless savior, the man decides to set him up with a job and a place to live. The staff there give our protagonist the name "Haru".

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He gradually makes his way deeper into the organization, and the hearts and lives of the staff, while working as an apprentice bartender. But just who is Haru really? Sexual harassment is an everyday activity for him. He has ish curiosity about everything and operates under an indecipherable set of principles.

Umm… Well, whatever! My favorite things are boobs and butts!

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One of the unique features of No, Thank You!!! While the game does still employ some traditional text-based choices, at certain critical points in the game, the NTY!!! Effectively, the NTY!!! Just what are you being given the option to say "no, thank you" to? It's not always bad things either.

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Sometimes not pressing the button is the correct option. Be careful! Choosing incorrectly can even have fatal consequences. No, Thank You!!!

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While Hamashima is better known for her work on traditional eroge Eroge! Yes, you read that right, No, Thank You!!! The settings menu allows you to adjust how much hair is displayed on a per-character basis. The settings affect both how sprites are displayed and CGs. Keep in mind that the body hair settings only apply to the visuals. Textual references to hair will remain even if you have it all turned off.

No more pesky mosaics obscuring the art.

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While they are a fairly standard feature in traditional eroge these days, No, Thank You!!! Background vocals are tracks of breathing, moans, and other sound effects which loop in the background during erotic scenes.

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If you find yourself stuck and at a loss as to how to get certain endings, just enable hint mode! Hint mode becomes available once you complete one route good or bad end. Enabling hint mode makes the game display hints pertaining to the parts of the game you have already completed, letting you know which routes certain choices lead to and whether to NTY or not in order to reach that route's "true" end. For example: if you complete one of Hiroyuki's bad ends and enable hint mode, the game will display hints showing you which choices will put you on Hiroyuki's route and which NTY buttons to hit to get Hiroyuki's true end.

The game won't display "spoiler" hints for routes you haven't completed yet. Hint mode also provides you with some additional information during NTY choices, giving you some extra insight into what options Haru is weighing.

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The game allows you to quickly revisit memorable scenes and not just "memorable" ones in the erotic sense either. One of NTY!!! The game allows you to save up to of your favorite lines to listen to again and again at your leisure. Voice Collection can be accessed from the main menu or the system menu during play. Unlike most visual novels which only give you a single quicksave slot, NTY!!! And on top of that, the game has an autosave feature too. No need to worry about completely losing your spot should you forget to save.

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By default, the game is set up to pause and mute all audio when you minimize or click off the game window. No need to worry about potentially embarrassing audio continuing to play when you've just narrowly managed to minimize the window! He has a helpful personality and even befriends Haru right off the bat. He has you torrent and stubborn side to him, but that earnestness makes him easily swayed by his thanks and has caused him a lot of pain in the past. He can handle just about any situation with ease. His customer service is flawless. At first glance he seems like an amicable intellectual, but he's really a neurotic, anti-social young man and a bit of a germaphobe.

The fact that Haru is annoying, stupid, and completely lacking in tact makes Ryu hate him at first sight. His slow movements are reminiscent of some kind of fearless, but calm, large-breed dog. His real name and other details are a mystery. He claims he just forgot it all.

He loves alcohol. Adult Content Warning This site and the game it advertises contain content not suitable for persons under the age of I understand No, thank you. Now on sale! Opening Theme No, Thank You!!! He even befriends Haru. He seems decidedly unmotivated and lacking in responsibilities. Let's have sex then! Button One of the unique features of No, Thank You!!!

Sprite Example.

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Voice Samples: I'm, uh, Akiyama Hiroyuki. I'm 22 years old. My hobbies? I do jog and exercise just about every day, and I also Haru Masturbate! Seriously, I'm really weak to this kind of stuff Cut it out. Hey, Haru That's really intense Voice Samples: Ryu Kurosawa. Occupation: bartender.

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I have no interest in women or any desire to get married. I have work to do. What's wrong with your brain?

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Voiced by : Takemaru Matsuoka Age : 35? Birthday :?? Height : 6'3" cm Blood Type : AB. About what?

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You want a long line? I said I'd give you a reward, but I didn't say you could pick it.