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I'm smooth for fruit who smooth tradition One

One Piece's Devil Fruits are an interesting snack that gives incredible powers to whoever eats one, the catch is that you lose any ability to swim if your body touches the ocean.

One Piece Smooth Smooth Fruit

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One Piece is the most popular anime and manga series in Japan and the world at large, and a large part of this success is in due to the series' strange powers that come from the Devil Fruits, fruits that give an individual crazy powers when eaten.

Name: Danyette
Age: I am 33
What is my nationaly: Hungarian
Eyes colour: I’ve got cold dark eyes
What is the color of my hair: Silvery
My figure type: My figure type is quite athletic
Smoker: Yes

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Alvida couldn't really be defeated because all attacks would just slip off of her, since she was extremely smooth. I don't even believe she was ever put in prison or anything like that, since she was still free when Buggy was in prison.

naughty sister Natasha

Perhaps using Haki or the seastone Kairoseki to beat them. Same as the Logia Type who untouchable because most of them can luquify into their own element.

tight gal Collins

Haki is the best thing to use against the untouchable devil fruit user. Because it could deny the power of the devil fruit directly.

naughty teen Amayah

May 3 32 Report. One Piece devil fruit Sube Sube no Mi? OK how did they beat that devil fruit user who had the Sube Sube no Mi? I never seen it before. Please enter comments.

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ILSEM you should put what the power is for that devil fruit or a reference like manga chapter or anime episode so we can know what your talking about. Your name.

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