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Besides her frequent TV appearances, a column in Mother Jones and demand for her observational humor in comedy venues, Poundstone had been raising three adopted kids and serving as a foster parent to eight others since the s. But in she admitted to once driving with her children under the influence of alcohol.

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Comedien Paula Poundstone says her act has always been autobiographical. Before pleading no contest to charges of felony child endangerment and entering rehab, and henceforth becoming the poster parent for lewd, drunken foster care Poundstone exceled at brainy off-kilterism and charming absurdism.

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Listen Listening She was so good when she came to Rochester for "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! Paula Poundstone is coming to Rochester for a show of her own. A recent CNN documentary explored the link between success in comedy and mental illness.

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Many of the most successful people in comedy have struggled with depression and other ailments. Our panel discusses how they choose -- or choose not -- to incorporate their own struggles into their work.

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Our guests are all stand-up comedians:. Think Tina Fey was great as Sarah Palin?

Wait wait … do tell me!: paula poundstone talks sex, tech & cats

Gladwell calls it "toothless. Pathetic, made even worse by Trump's repeat appearances on the show. Gladwell says the best satire is not just about an accurate portrayal; it's about making a point, and moving the public.

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But is Gladwell being unfair? Are there great satirists working today? Our panel discusses the value of satire, and why we don't see nearly as much satire as other forms of comedic expression.

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In studio:. We discuss the realities of friendship, especially when one friend becomes more successful than the rest of the group.

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The film follows an improv team in New York City called The Commune, and chronicles how the group dynamic changes after one member leaves to be featured in a late night television show. We talk about what success and failure mean to different people, what it's like to dream Our guests:. What's it like to be a gay parent?

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And what's it like to have -- and be -- a Jewish mother? Comedian Judy Gold explores those topics in her work and her shows, and she's coming to Rochester's Jewish Community Center.

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Related Program:. Share Tweet. Connections: Is American Satire Dead?

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Comedian Judy Gold on same sex parenting and having -- and being -- a Jewish mother.